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Written by Sam | September 20, 2017

Freshers’ Week

The main reason why you will enjoy freshers week is that the sense of freedom you have, living at home where everything is controlled externally can be for some, quite annoying at times, so when you are living in a house where you only answer to yourself, it is like being let loose in the big world.

Freshers week is a busy period where you will meet new your new housemates, others from your course, second/third-year students, and even people in society you are thinking of joining. It’s an exciting time, it is all new and the best way to get through it is to jump in with both feet. Enjoy spending time with your new housemates, you will be living with them for the next year, you don’t want to have to spend it trying to avoid them! Enjoy going out and seeing the new city you are living in, enjoy meeting new people at the fresher’s fair as you walk around, do all these things and have a blast, that way you can say you have done it and it will put you in good stead for the coming weeks.

Freshers Fair

Freshers fair, you’ve just moved in spent some time with your housemates and now you need some information. This is where a lot of information is kept, but it’s also time for businesses in your city to reach out to students, for example, gyms!

The good thing about these fairs is that you will get a tonne of freebies, even food, however, there will be some information on the University itself such as, what facilities it has, what you can get involved in, what you can do on campus and any events which are coming up to help you all settle in. These are the ones you need to target as they will give you an insight into what university life is like, of course, go to the ones with the free food, who wouldn’t, but to get the most out of the fair you need to go to the information desks to see what you can do in your new City/ University.

The freshers fair will run for maybe 2/3 days depending on the University which you go to, to allow for flexibility for you guys. However usually during the freshers week, they will also put on sports fair and society fair.

Sports and Society Fair

There is a difference, Freshers fair is for everyone, the sports fair is for anyone wanting to join a sports club (highly recommended) and the societies fair is for anyone wanting to join a society.

If you are interested in playing for the University you will play in the BUCS League (British University & Colleges Sports) and you walk around the same as the freshers fair and however instead of free food is available it is different sports clubs at the University handling the sign-ups for that team. All you simply do is write your name down and a contact number and they will tell you where to be at a certain point.

I played on a sports team and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. You make friends for life, you have great nights out and you start creating another family away from home. It is the same for the societies, societies are for everyone with a common interest and each society is different. They will do activities relevant to their subject however they will also hold socials for its members in order to meet and greet everyone and to enjoy themselves after all it is University. Being in a club or society allows you to ask for help when you are stuck on a particular bit of work, you might find someone is on the same course as you or are in exactly the same situation, the members will help you in the best way possible and I believe it is a shortcut to University life. You can find the fastest route to do things by asking people rather than finding out for yourself. There will still be an element of that but members will always help you out in times of need, but they will also play devil’s advocate and try and get you to come to socials even when you need to do some work, but that is your decision.

Freshers Weeks Events

During that freshers period your SU (Students Union) will put plenty of events on for you, like themed nights, DJ’s offers and discount cards, etc. These are a good idea, you know they will be busy but it is also a good chance to meet people in the same position however if you would like to go, rogue, you can just head out to the local bars and clubs in order to create your own freshers week, it will still be busy as not everyone will be able to fit in the SU night club. Drinks will also be probably just as cheap.

So freshers enjoy yourself, if you are not a fresher enjoy your week, they are always good make sure you attend as much as possible and if you would like to know anymore please let me know!

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