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Settling Into Your University Accommodation
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Settling Into Your University Accommodation

Written by Sam | September 20, 2017

So you’ve made it to University and moved into your apartment! What’s the best way to settle in?

The best way to get settled into your routine is to find out where everything is, make sure you know the places you will be going to, and when you will be going there. For example, lectures, if you know when and where they all are you can then start to plan around them. Once you’ve got your lectures down to a tee, then you can start to do your own things in between or after. If you’ve joined a club or society and you meet/ train with them then make sure you know how long it takes to get there as you don’t want to be late. There are consequences for that!

Try to do things with your flatmates also, you don’t want to be in accommodation where you live with others and barely see them or talk to them because you will be with them for the year and it’s always better to get on with your flatmates and the only way to do that is to spend time with them. So go down to the pub for some food and drink, get takeaways, etc, get to know them as they could always be your flatmates next year. Make a weekly routine to do something together this way, everyone will stick to that time, and then you won’t get anyone doing something else at that time.

Explore the area you are in. That way you will find the best places for you, you will find a place you like to eat, you will find a pub that does nice beer, you will find shops that you like. However, you won’t experience these if you never find them. Do it with your friends and make sure you remember the moments and create the memories of being at University.

Finally, once you’ve found your routine, enjoy it! Make sure you remember the good and bad times with your friends, flatmates, teammates, society members, and fellow course mates as they will shape your time at University and stay with you after that time to forge the next steps after University!

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