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How To Find Your 2nd Year Flatmates
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How To Find Your 2nd Year Flatmates

Written by Sam | February 2, 2018

You’re roughly halfway through your first year and you realise everyone is starting to look at houses for the following year as they are starting to get booked up fast! How do you choose your flatmates for the following year when you’ve only known them for a couple of months?

Some students start looking for their accommodation as early as November!

Where Can You Find Others To Live With?

Some choose students from their course, others choose people they play sport with, they may choose to be in a flat with random people and others may choose to live on their own in a studio.

Which one is best for you? That’s something for you to decide or find out, if you live in a shared flat already and you like the company of others then it’s worth finding friends which you get along with very well and enjoy the company of. Now you might have some others that spring to mind straight away, and they are the friends which are usually the ones which are a good choice, however, it is NOT guaranteed! You need to find people who you are comfortable around and can relax but also others who will help you with your studies! There will be lots of different tests you can do and take to ‘find your best housemate’ however only you will know that.

Our advice is choose someone who is similar to yourself, someone who has similar interests and hobbies however they aren’t exactly the same. This way you have things which you can do together as a house and things that you might do by yourself, which will give you time to study and peace! The best ways to find people similar to you are:

  1. Do things which you like doing and you will meet people there
  2. Being social, going to events and meeting new people
  3. Meeting friends of friends, this expands your social circle
  4. Using social media to find potential house mates online
  5. Joining a club/society

These 6 things will help you to find others who share your interest and have common ground, however before you go straight to moving in with them it is best to spend some time and do some activities with them to really test your friendship with them before you live with them for a YEAR! That is the true test! This will make or break your relationship.

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