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Apps For University

Written by Sam | March 1, 2018

While you are at University you are going to need a helping hand. What better than the use of apps on your phone? Today everything is done on your phone or tablet so we’ve got you a list of the top apps for first moving into your chosen city!


You end up in a new city, how do you find your way around? You don’t want to pull out an atlas map so, to avoid getting lost in a new city, there are loads of navigation apps you can use but we find this one better than others. But do take a look as they are all different and you will find one that suits you. However, you’ll find it a lifesaver for getting around, whether on public transport, walking or on a bike. You can even get real-time updates on public transport and find hidden routes.


At some point as a student, you will need to do your assignments, you may choose to have a job and you will definitely want to see your friends. But managing all that can be tricky! So this is where Evernote comes in, it is heaven-sent for the organisation, allowing you to get a handle on list-making, note-taking, and so much more.

Need it in lectures, you can do it, want to take an audio note, you can do it, want it on your phone and tablet, you can do it. Seamless integration means that you can transfer notes to any tablet.

For bonus points, use it for group projects. It’s easy to share your content with others, which makes it ideal.


Get prepared for your end of year exams by using this trendy app. Flashcards allow you to memorise all your notes at the last-minute for those cramming sessions, so you can make them for your subjects and play around with them with your friends.


We’ve all heard of Uber by now, but if you have not you can get a cab from anywhere with the touch of a button. You can get it to pick you up from any place and drop you off anywhere. The Uber app is linked to your account and it will come straight out of there rather than have to worry about paying in cash.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

Bored with pasta and rice? Want to make your meals more exciting without it costing the earth and having to spend loads of time on making it. Then this app is great for all levels of ability, so whether you’re aiming for something simple or complex, you’ll have 50,000 choices to choose from. You’ll never be bored with food again!

My Fitness Pal

Feeling like you need to keep in shape? My Fitness Pal is a good one to use because you can sync it with smartwatches but you can also track your calorific intake and expenditure. This will give you an idea of whether you are eating too much or not enough! You never know you might be able to make more interesting meals!


You’re feeling stressed about everything you need to do, so therefore you need to have a To-Do list. This way you can keep on track of what you need to do and when by. This app allows you to do exactly that and as it is stored on your phone you can take It everywhere with you. This will help you feel less stressed and more efficient!


In one of the previous blogs we mentioned about budgeting, so here’s a great way to get started. Get an app that allows you to keep track of what you are spending. You might find some horrifying figures in here!! Spendee helps you manage your finances, whether you’ve got one income stream or a few. You can see what you’re getting vs what you’re spending, in a way that helps you manage everything, it means that you can stay out of your overdraft, which if you don’t have a student account can be expensive and can stay in the positive figures. It means you can budget for the items you would like and treat yourself as a reward. If not then students can come out of university with overdrafts that take years to pay off and after a certain while the banks start to charge more to encourage you to pay it back!

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