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How To List Your Houses
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How To List Your Houses

Written by Sam | March 15, 2018

Find Out How To List Your Houses on Student-It

If you have houses and are thinking of putting them on to our site, then we have created a quick guide so you can see how easy it is! It’s so simple!

  1. Contact us using [email protected] to say that you are interested in listing your houses on the site.
  2. We will meet you and see what your houses are like, look at your website and do a check to make sure your properties are of a good standard.
  3. THEN we create a server or we will import it directly from your site, the is technically the trickiest bit as we align what importing systems are being used and match them up.
  4. Once that’s completed the houses are listed on our site, if you as the original host let them and take them off your site, it will then take them off our site when it updates itself. This can be set to as many times as you wish. Most opt for 2!
  5. If you want to adjust anything on the pages of your houses you just have to let us know. Then it’s all done!

We have a range of ways we can import properties on to our site, as we say our preferred option is to import it from an individual server which is connected to both sites and is updated daily. We can also import the properties directly from your website, and would just need the details in order to do so. For more options on importing your data please get in touch and we are happy to work with you to find the best option.

Some of the benefits of being on a search engine site are:

  • Greater exposure to students
  • The referrals go straight to an email address you provide to us
  • Student specific marketing
  • Less time spent on marketing and less money on your marketing budget!