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Save Money While Shopping As a Student
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Save Money While Shopping As a Student

Written by Sam | March 21, 2018

Want to know how to save money while in the supermarket? Just popped in for a snack and came out with a trolley full? We will give you some quick tips on how to save money while food shopping. If you want to manage your loan as a whole see our tips in our Money Management Video

Buy The Essentials First

By this we mean, buy the things you need in order to survive, not a tub of Nutella or snacks. These are your pasta, bread, rice, vegetables, and meat, if vegetarian, your substitute. These are things that will sustain you in order for you to carry on each day, they will give you energy and cover your basic needs to get through the day. You get these first because if you buy these in bulk then they will last you a long time and be cheaper in the long run.

For instance, currently, you can get a big bag of pasta currently for roughly £3. You don’t have to eat it every day but it’ something to fall back on when you need food!

Get Your Treats Last

As discussed before you can’t live off chocolate and it’s a lot more expensive than most other things. This is because you get taxed on any item that isn’t considered necessary.

If you get your treats last you then have a budget of what you can spend on treats. You must only use your treats as ‘rewards’. This way you won’t eat the whole pack/jar in one go. By using them as rewards they also become more satisfying, for instance, say you have done the first 1000 words, completed your research, or made a big step forward. That’s when you get the treats out! By also having a budget for treats you know what you can spend and are more likely to stick to that amount. If you don’t have a budget you can walk down the aisle choosing exactly what you want and you will be shocked when you get to the till. To understand the system behind working hard and then having a reward, read this article on How To Get into Flow.

Plan Your Meals

Through the week, if you plan your meals, that will create a shopping list for you and then you know what to get when you are in the supermarket. This keeps you on tracks and stops you from veering off and just buying what you want, it will keep your budget down because you are only getting the items that you need and not WANT. You are being concise! Take the list with you and don’t get anything else, unless you need it.

Bulk out Your Meals

To bulk out meals you can use pasta, rice, vegetables, beans & chopped tomatoes, these items are relatively cheap and can make it last a lot longer or for more than one meal.

Supermarkets own brands and if you buy in bulk, you can get these items quite cheap. A good place to buy cheap are wholesalers, a lot of these types of shops are now letting public buy from their stores to get more people in and spending money, these are even CHEAPER than your supermarkets and come in larger quantities. A great way if you are shopping as a house!

Take Cash

I hear all of you screaming that why would I take cash when I have a card!

It’s easier and I don’t have to carry cash! But what happens if you take your card, normally you’ll get extra things and just pay, you don’t see that money, it’s just a number on the screen. However, if you take cash, you can see exactly what you are spending, it’s always harder to depart with cash because you physically have to give it over. Finally, it’s the same reason many of us don’t take a card out on a night out, we don’t want to overspend. If you take say £40-60 whatever your budget is for a week, then you only have that amount and are likely to be stricter, and any change you come back with you can then save!

Hunger Shopping as a Student

Don’t go when hungry, you are likely to spend more due to cravings. If you go after you’ve eaten your less likely to want all the food in the shop! This will help you keep your spending down and buying all the unnecessary food you might not eat!

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