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Why Travel

Written by Sam | March 21, 2018

Why we think you should travel…

We’re going on an adventure! That was said once.

We think you should travel because when you do you open yourself up to other cities, countries and ways of living. It’s helps you to understand why they do things that way, their culture, whats respectful, what’s not (you learn that quick), how to cope, budget, manage yourself, however you are FREE. But why is that important, why should you go out your way to find that? Here’s why!

Well, you might be half way through uni, finished school or just graduated, whatever your position, going out and seeing other parts the world is good. It expands what you already know and allows you to build on top of what you have. You will see new pieces of architecture, you will see how crazy some transport systems are and learn how to navigate them. You will see things that blow your mind, man made and naturally occurring. Some of these things might help you in your degree if it’s related to that subject and it will give you plenty of ideas to take home with you. Even if it doesn’t come in to your career path it still gives you plenty of ideas for your personal life, you might see something you really like in a hotel, city etc and you can take that idea home with you and start to use it. Why not, great ideas are meant to be shared! It allows you to get creative with ideas, to think about what you already have and compare to what you are seeing, how you can change things in your life for the better or how you can help others and change their lives for the better. You will also meet new people along the way who have different views and opinions, that’s not a bad thing at all, you will also meet people who have the same views and opinions and might end up to be one of your best friends. On that point you will see how generous people can be towards you (a stranger), a person they haven’t even met yet, and before you know it, you’re invited in for dinner, staying at their house and they are taking you around the city for a tourist trip. It’s astonishing to think that strangers would do that for you without even really getting to know you, or they will help you get to where you are going by giving you the right directions or even driving. That isn’t a reason to trust anyone though, so do keep your wits about you!

Another part you learn especially if you do it after university is, how to manage yourself and cope. Who can you fall back on when you are 1000 miles away from home? Everyone has a moment where they think is this right for me? Have I done the right thing? I don’t want to do it etc however if you do you can learn so much by going out and travelling. Everyone has those moments, you usually sit there and go, ‘what have I done’. But I assure you it is worth it. There are life skills to be learnt. You don’t have to do it alone, you can go in groups and still have the same experiences. If there is more you can always split the cost of everything! While away you learn how to manage yourself in order to make sure you are ok, for example budgeting, eating, drinking, packing and being on time to places not to miss trains etc. If you don’t do those things, you find yourself having a very short trip or calling your parents to bail you out.

Lastly, you can go out and be FREE, it’s addictive seeing different places when you want and travelling how you would like to, eating what you want. You aren’t having to get up for work, you’re not having to clean the house or go to university or do anything, of course if you are going for a long time then getting some work will help but if you are going to various places then you can see the bits you want. However, the trip gives you independence for you to decide what you want to do, and that’s the addictive part. Having that feeling, plus it’s also good to see some of the worlds amazing places and people.

Let us know your thoughts.

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