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Written by Sam | July 9, 2018

Classic Toastie

Have you aimlessly looked in the fridge 5 times waiting for your meal to appear? Heres a quick snack to make to stop those cravings!

All you need:

Slice of rustic bread

2 thick slices of Cheddar cheese

3 slices of tomato

Salt & pepper

Chilli flakes

Get cracking:

Grill bread on one side, turn and top with cheese slice, grill until just melting, then add tomato slices and grill until beginning to go soft or brown. Add seasoning and chilli flakes. Puts fire in your belly.

We’ve teamed up with Uni Cook and Clean to bring you this amazing recipe! We hope you enjoy it, it’s super healthy, easy and fun to make! Check out their website for more: www.unicookandclean.co.uk

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