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Double Decker
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Double Decker

Written by Sam | July 13, 2018

Double Decker Sarni

Fancy a quick, but super healthy snack in between lectures? Make this in no time and it tastes amazing! 

All you need:

1 egg

1 slice rustic bread

Two thick slices Cheddar cheese

Half an avocado

Salt & pepper

Chilli flakes

Get cracking:

Boil water in a small pan, add a dash of vinegar. Crack egg into a cup then tip into the boiling water. While the egg is poaching, toast bread on one side, then turn over and lay cheese on untoasted side, grill until it begins to melt. Plate up with sliced avocado and top with the poached egg which should now be ready. Sprinkle with chilli flakes and salt & pepper. Delicious.

We’ve teamed up with Uni Cook and Clean to bring you this amazing recipe! We hope you enjoy it, it’s super healthy, easy and fun to make! Check out their website for more: www.unicookandclean.co.uk

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