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Written by Sam | July 29, 2018

Should I Join a University Club or Society You are at Uni and you’re trying to find a way to meet new people or housemates. A good way is to join a club or society on campus. Play sport? Join your chosen club. Have an interest in a particular area? I bet there is a society for it and others are in it.

Clubs and societies are a great way to meet people, they normally range from all different courses and areas of the Uni and can offer lots of help with every aspect of University life!

How do you get into one?

It’s simple. Around the time of your fresher fairs, they usually have a Sport and Societies Fair. If you go to these then you can find your club/ society that you are interested in. You can join as many clubs and societies as you like, however it depends whether you have time to take part in them all. For instance, sports clubs will most likely train and compete once a week, whereas other societies may only meet up once a month. It also depends on how seriously, if you do play a sport, you want to take it. If you play at a high level, then you can usually expect to train more than once a week, you may have to do other sessions in order to compete at that level. It is very similar in societies, you will have more active and dormant ones, you don’t have to attend every social or event, you can pick and choose, however, the more you go to, the more people you will get to know.

If you have missed the chance to sign up at the freshers or societies fair then, you can always find them on social media and meet up with them that way! they are never going to say no to new members! You will then most likely have to sign up and pay via the SU website to become a fully-fledged member!

Finding Flatmates

Once you are in the club/ society, usually most people find their new flatmates within those circles, this is because often they will spend the most amount of time with these people, course mates are good, however, majority of the time you only see them in lectures or in group work. Alternatively, you will tend to spend a lot more time with these people doing all the events they offer and enjoying yourself. This is why you tend to form long-lasting relationships in these groups!

There are usually others in the same situation as you, this makes it easier for you to ask them if they would like to share a house, you know you have a common interest plus you know what they are like as a person as you will have known them for a short while and possibly been over to their house for some sort of party! It is just about choosing the people you wish to live with and the maximum number you want. The higher numbers in a house the harder it is to find a house as there are fewer of them, however, you will normally find a lot of 4,5 & 6 bedroom houses for students but this can vary from city to city.

How it Can Help?

Being in a club or society is a shortcut to University life. Why? Because there will be lots of different years in that club or society. They can offer you help, point you in the right direction, give you advice from their experience and ultimately be there for you. You are instantly connected with a group on average of 55 members. Some may be doing or have done the same course, you will meet all the alumni for that club/society as well which means that it can open up connections for when you graduate. Current students might work in a bar, they can either get a job or get you cheap drinks. The possibilities are endless. That is why we think there are good reasons to join a society. We were part of the Hockey society at University, it will be days that have helped us come this far and opened up so many doors. As I say, it got us a job at University and opened up doors after that.

Finally, you will enjoy Wednesday nights, especially if you are part of a sports club.

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