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Packing For University
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Packing For University

Written by Sam | August 18, 2018

In this quick blog we shall tell you how to pack for University, making the most of all the space you have.

  1. Roll Everything Up – When packing clothes, make sure you roll everything up. This way, it compacts everything leaving little space in between items. When putting them in your suitcase or bag and you can then start to create layers of clothes.
  2. Put Things in your Shoes – Yes that is right, shoes are bulky and take up a lot of space. When it comes to maximising that space you can do two things. One is to keep them out of your suitcase and tie them together around the outside with your laces, or you can put them on the inside of your bag/case and put things inside them. Normally separating socks and pushing them in is good. You can even put deodorant and perfume bottles in there. Anything that will fit to be honest.
  3. Easy Carrying – what we mean here is, make sure you take something that you can carry upstairs, etc. So a suitcase with wheels, a bag with decent straps. Avoid suitcases which you have to carry. They will be heavy.
  4. Organise – Sort your suitcase and bag out before you put everything in. I always start small and work up to larger clothes. This way you can make sure you have everything before you put it all in. As an extra tip, if you go traveling, clumping everything together makes it easier to find and sort if or when you unpack.
  5. Tetris – Play the game. It’s essentially a game where you have to sort blocks into a cube and each line you made complete got cleared. However, when packing your car, you need to implement this. Don’t just throw stuff in. It will take you many more trips. Utilize the footwell, underrated spaces they are. Start with heavy items at the bottom, then work to the lighter items and find items that fit together well. Always leave the ‘squishy’ items until last. This is because you can cram them in at the end, whereas, you imagine trying to force your TV in.
  6. Last Option – Use our partner Uni Kit Out. Order the packs you want and they will deliver it to an address of your choice. No packing or worrying. If you quote ‘IT10’, you can even get a 10% discount from them! Here is the link: UniKitOut

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