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How To Keep Your Bills Down
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How To Keep Your Bills Down

Written by Sam | September 2, 2018

Want to know how to keep your bills down? We can show you some ways in order to help you with that! That way you can spend more money on what you want to spend it on!

Get a Smart Meter

Most electrical and gas companies offer this. This way you can actively see how much electricity and gas you are using and you can see how much you are spending! Ironically you do have to plug it in to use it, the power it uses is minimal! It often gives you a traffic light system as a base to use and will give you specific figures as well if you want to break it down!

Download The App

Download the app for your right provider. This way you can put in the figures for what you actually use rather than having estimated bills. This is really simple to do. Say you want to track your electricity, you download the app, find your meter and once a month put the numbers from the meter into the app, it will then give you a bill for exactly what you have used. The only problem with having the app is that it then is linked to your account and you technically become the account holder and the money will come from your account. You then have to get everyone else to pay you!

Take your Time & Go Shopping

Shop around, as students, we can have some spare time during the day. This means that we can spend some of it shopping around for a good deal. If you get your bills included in your rent, then you are fine, if not, do some searching, there are plenty of comparison sites out there which will help you switch. By searching you can get the best deal for you if you stay with your current provide they can and do start charging you more! If you have to set one up, then that’s the best place to be because you can create all your bills exactly how you want.

Be Stingy

It sounds obvious when we say this, so bear with! Use less! By this, we don’t mean to set a timer of 5 minutes for your shower! ┬áBy this we mean, turn the TV off rather than leave it on standby, same with your computer, turn lights off when you go out, easily done to leave them on. When you have the heating on in the winter, don’t have the windows open, 30 degrees also is very hot! Before turning the heating on, stick a jumper and joggers on. If you’re cooking then cook in bulk, plus that helps your discipline with sticking to eating the right meals. The last tip, I promise, if you have space and you need to dry your clothes, hang them outside, that way the smell fresher and cleaner!

They all sound pedantic, however, the little things do add up. If you compound all those little bits, they make one big chunk of savings! Being in a student house/accommodation and in a shared house it is going to be difficult to sort the bills. For some advice, the best place to start is to get a chat set up specifically for bills. This way it means that as a house you can track everything you need. Keep it separate because you don’t want to have to trawl through everything to find out who’s paid or what the situation is! You do have another option though and this is to use a company that will manage your bills for you!! Incredible isn’t it, someone who manages all your student bills for you. You can choose what bills, TV packages and internet before you move in and they will set them up so when you get there everything is sorted for you!

Who We Recommend

We recommend a company called Glide, they work closely with students in order to help them set up bills in an average time of just over 3 minutes! You decide what bills and packages you want and they will set them up for you before you move in! They regularly run offers where you can get FREE Netflix for a year for your student house! The way that it works is that they will manage your bills for you and then split the payments between you and your housemates equally. They do add on a service charge for managing the bills, setting them up, and closing them down, however, it can be worth the hassle and save you a lot of time in the long run!

These are some quick ways to save you time, hassle and money for your bills in your student house, there are more ways to save money and cut down on the bills but here is a start! After you have done it once the process will and does get easier as you will have experience in doing so.

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