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Best Time To Search For Accommodation
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Best Time To Search For Accommodation

Written by Sam | October 14, 2018

Normally students start searching for accommodation/ housing around November / December time.

This is purely because students have started searching and booking in November / December previously to get the best houses. After other students had caught on it has now become a trend to start looking and booking accommodation around this time. This is so that they don’t get left with the ‘bad’ houses or with nowhere to live. Even so that those who go to open days have even been known to put down reservations a year early!!

First Years

This means that for first years, the best time to start looking for a student house is November or December and booking them in the New Year or putting a reservation/ deposit on them shortly after in January or February.

However, we recommend that you have an idea of where you would like to live, what type of house, which area, the type of rent, etc. By searching early you know what is on the market and for how much, it also gives you time to think about the idea of living in the house. If you are short of time to get houses then, unfortunately, you don’t have time to think about if it would be a good home for you! If you give yourself enough time, you can also ask others about what it is like to live in that area or block, you can ask others for their views on the area and what it’s really like to live there!

If you leave until later to start looking for houses, there are usually fewer houses on the market for you to choose from. They tend to be houses that students may not have wanted for a number of reasons. However, most people when they arrive at Uni don’t know who they will be living within their second year. So by leaving it until later in the year to decide, you can get to know who you want to live with and if you want to live with anyone at all!

Living by Yourself

If you are happy to live by yourself you can book your accommodation as soon as they become available. Studios are becoming more and more of a trend, especially in accommodation blocks. They are built in the same blocks as flats with a communal kitchen and living area. These are good if you like a mix between having your own space and being with others because your flat is a place for you but all around you is lots of other flats in very close proximity.

Before make sure that you do your research into what you want from your house. You need to list all the things which are essential in a house and then which are important for you from a house. Then you can list all the ones that meet your criteria. Make sure that you are getting a good service from the landlord or letting agent. If not it can be a difficult year if you get bad service. Finally, as we always say, before signing anything, please make sure that you understand what is in your contract and what it expects from YOU!

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