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Stress & Students

Written by Sam | November 7, 2018

With more and more work being put on to students to research, learn, complete assignments, work part-time and have a social life. This can be very stressful trying to manage everything, so we wanted to help students manage their lives so it’s an enjoyable experience and not one they regret! So let’s start:

Keep a journal

Sounds utterly easy and boring to some however, there is some logic to it. By keeping a journal of the day you can get your stresses and worries out on to paper and out of your mind. If they are written down you do not have to remember them, if they are written down you can revisit that day or situation and go over it again. You can do this by setting aside just 5 minutes per day, while in bed or in the morning where you write about the previous day. By doing this you can also reflect and see how far you have come, you may think not much has changed but you will be able to notice the confidence within yourself, build your self-belief and notice all the changes that have happened.

Finally, the good thing about keeping a journal is that there is no right or wrong way, it’s your and yours alone. So, however, you want to express yourself on paper, is the right way. It is a place to get rid of everything in your mind and release it all.

Your Influence

Right now you’re thinking, whoever wrote this is crazy! Influence! But Imagine there’s you, in the middle of this small circle. This circle represents what you can DIRECTLY influence. For example, what time your assignment gets done, what you have for dinner, how much sleep you get, and what mood you are in. It is what YOU control and under YOUR influence. That is your circle of INFLUENCE. After that first circle, draw a slightly larger circle, still with you in the middle. This is the circle that you can NOT influence. These are things like the weather, people on your course, and the mood of others. Don’t let the circle of non-influence affect the way you behave and are. Don’t let the circle of non-influence make you worry or stress when you have no control over it. Let you decide how you want the day to go and take control of the items you have influence over!

Your Reactions

It doesn’t matter what happens during the day it is your choice how you react to it. You see people that may have 1001 things to do but are really happy even though they have so much to do. We are all thinking how the heck do they do it. But ultimately it is their choice to be happy, sad, grateful, or stressed. What we are trying to say is that it is your choice how you react to life events and happening, they can be sad and hard but we can choose to live life happy when we can. Life is always better when we are happier, so make the choice to be happier as and when we can! Try it, next time you forget your lunch, or you forget your brolly in the pouring rain, be happy, and look at the positives.

Manage Your Time

This is crucial in every aspect of life. If you manage your time properly, you will more time for activities you want to do. As in you dedicate the morning to work and writing for the journal, then off to lectures and then back to have the evening to do whatever you want with. Maintaining and staying up to date with work is easier than trying to fit 10,000 words in and around your part-time job. As that way you stay up late, cramming in work, you wake up the next day tired and the process then repeats. That is why it is easier to maintain 200/300 words a day than try and make up 10,000.

To-Do List

If you have a to-do list, it will keep you focussed. By staying focussed, you get more done, by getting more done, you get a good feeling and you let the process repeat itself! If you wander around aimlessly saying your so busy you have no time for anyone or anything then you don’t because you saying you are too busy! By having a To-Do list you can start ticking off the points you need to get done. These can be items like Tidy the house, Write 450 words, find 2 references. Something of that nature will mean that you can spend a lot more time doing things you want to rather than need to. If you’re going to be at Uni, do what you want on your terms and you can do that by keeping up to date with work.

There are plenty of other ways to manage stress however, these are ones that we use! It is about finding the methods and systems which work for you!

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