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How To Afford Rent as a Student
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How To Afford Rent as a Student

Written by Sam | November 15, 2018

Some quick tips in order to help you cover your rent. With the new ways that student finance is changing it can be increasingly hard to cover your rent. We have seen and heard that many of the current loads barely cover your living expenses.

Here’s some ways to help cover it and enjoy being a student:

Part-time job

This one seems really obvious but many overlook it. The main things you can do are bar work and restaurant work. These are the most popular between students but you can do any job you are suitable for. As long as it is willing to fit around your studies.

Buy and Sell

If you are on the entrepreneurial side and want to use that side of you then you can buy items from wholesalers and sell it on marketplaces such as Amazon and Facebook. However, you do need to do the research for this and have the money to buy your first batch! You will also need somewhere to store it and keep track of the orders. This is doable at University. This is the way that Alan Sugar started out.

Promo for nightclubs

Many clubs want to get students in and what better way than getting someone who is at University to help them. These jobs can include handing out flyers and leaflets, selling tickets, and using social media to promote the event.

Save Money in Summer

If you have the money to cover it but are liable to spend the money on other things then this is the option for you! What you need to do is keep track of all the money that you spend and what you get in. This way you can see if you are spending too much each week or month and find out where you can reduce the amount spent. doing this can open your eyes into how much you actually spend in a month and just by cutting out the small bits can make a big difference.

Freelance your services

If you are in an area where your services are specialised you can set up a website and Facebook page and offer your services to others. This way you can work as much or as little as you like. You can fit it around yourself, your work, and your social life. You will also find that this will help you transition when you leave University life.

All that is required for you to start work is a strong work ethic. Those that have had work in the past have increased their chances of getting a job straight after university due to having a professional reference on their CV.

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