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Our Why

Written by Sam | December 11, 2018

Here’s the question that I bet many of you have or are interested to know. Why did you start Student-It? We could just say because we wanted to see a change in the industry, however, we wanted to give you the reason why we wanted to see a change in the student accommodation sector. Especially when searching, booking, and paying.

We want you to know the experiences and reasons what made us start this company to begin a change in culture and behaviour.

The Backstory

We started out at the University of Lincoln and as we were looking for a house we thought that there has to be a way of developing this system, making it better and more streamlined. However, being typical students we joined the hockey club and had a great time, spent too much time playing hockey and socialising (drinking). From spending time with others though, we realised that it wasn’t an issue that we just encountered! We started in a house along an average street, most people advised us against it saying it was ‘dodgy’ but it wasn’t too bad.

We lived there for 3 years throughout University and never had a problem with anyone on the street and got along with most other students on the Road! What we had a problem with was the repairs, deposits and at that time we didn’t know any better so we just kept asking the landlord when it would be fixed. Obviously we waited for a while. The problem was one of the showers had broken, there were 5 guys 2 bathrooms and one shower. The only one that was working was in the furthest away part of the building, and the coldest!

After waiting for a while, we had given up asking and decided to work around it. We managed to leave University and it still hadn’t been fixed. When I decided to view a house, one of our most memorable was when we went to a viewing in the back of a white transit van (not dodgy at all). Wouldn’t recommend that at all! We were often pressed to signing agreements, heads of terms, contracts, etc early and having to pay a deposit to secure the room even when we wouldn’t be moving in for just under a year. We understood that the landlord or agent didn’t want to be let down! This is one of the reasons we stayed in Scorer Street. We didn’t have to pay another deposit.

Anyway, I left University, went traveling to the U.S, and then went to Asia and came back to Uni to work as an intern for a short while. When it came to that notorious time when students were trying to find accommodation, I spent a lot of time talking to students and advising them of some of the places to go as I had been there before and knew a little bit more about the City than first years. I was still hearing that there were bad properties out there, slow fixes, deposits not being returned, bad landlords, bad agents, and big deposits for what seemed like small or unkempt houses.

The Spark

That is when I thought, why can’t I build something where students can search for good quality student accommodation providers? This way students can endorse good letting agents, landlords, and houses. This means that students, when searching for houses will have a better idea of which agents and landlords to go to so that you get a good experience plus high-quality student accommodation.

What We Want To Change

We want students to have a good experience of moving out for the first time and not pay over the top deposits for their room, not get caught out with contracts, not be taken advantage of, and not regret moving into the house/studio/apartment. We think being a student is important and you should enjoy it!

We want to make sure that students don’t feel pressured into getting a house in November when they have only been at University for just over a month and you don’t know who you are going to live with or where. You don’t know where the safe and secure parts of town are, you don’t know where you can find relatively cheap rent or where the best sort of houses are. We want to give you all that information so that you can make the choice based on what you have seen. In doing this we hope that you regain time, freedom, and power. We want you to know what is a fair deposit price for the rent you are paying, what a good repair time is, and if the accommodation is up to standard and how you can find out!

How Will We Make These Changes?

We will start by offering the website and getting as many high quality letting agents on board as possible with our vision and goals. The more letting agents we have the more choice we have for students. Along side we will build a website that will have more detail on it so that you know exactly what to expect when you book and view a house. There will be all the information you need to make a decision about a house.

We will continue to write our blogs on how we can help students become further educated in the lessons of moving so that they know the signs which should give off warning bells and which ones are genuine. We will continue to put our blogs on to social media and continue to post valuable content on our social media so that we can give you the best tips to help your journey be as smooth as possible!

You can read lots more about us and why we started Student-It on the About Us page

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