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New Year Challenges
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New Year Challenges

Written by Sam | January 3, 2019

You will see many New Year’s Resolutions being made around this time of year and as we have said before in our previous blog we think it is a great idea! So to make sure we stick to ours, we have done a quick blog about what our New Year’s Resolutions are. However before we do, what do you think the rate of failure is for these? For instance, when people say ‘I will go to the gym more’ and then buy a pass only to then stop using it, but keep on paying for it?

The percentages are quite high! Why? Because we make the goal, realise it will take effort and go back to what we were doing before because it’s easier and that is our routine. The second reason is that we don’t like change, we aren’t sure what the change will do to us and for some that can be quite daunting.  The final big one is fear. We fear to do the task. A good example would be going to the gym, if you aren’t a regular you may fear it because you don’t know what it’s like, you are unsure of the types of exercises, you might be conscious of yourself and then that puts us off going and we are happy to do what we did before!  The hardest part of sticking to your New Year’s Resolution is creating the routine, once you create the new routine, you will find it much easier to stick to it!


On average they say it takes 28 days to create a new routine, after that it is set. Think of what you currently do at the minute! Can you spot any patterns that you do, is there a particular thing you do on a night?  This is why we have challenged ourselves to try and do something each month to make our lives slightly better! What could you do to make your life slightly better? Is there any changes you would like to make for the better?

For us we wanted to go along a theme of giving something up in order to appreciate it more or doing it each day to make us feel healthier. We think that in life we tend to not look after ourselves so much in order to achieve convenience or because it’s easier than the alternative. Warren Buffet once said if you had to buy a car, which would last you a lifetime, you would look after it very well. So why don’t we do that with our bodies?

So here is our list:

  • January – Alcohol or the Dryathlon
  • February – No Biscuits
  • March – No Chocolate
  • April – No Swearing
  • May – No Sugar in Tea
  • June – No Crisps
  • July – Carry Some Cash
  • August – Drink 1L of water a day
  • September – Write a To Do List for every day
  • October – Exercise 3 times a week
  • November – Read Every Day
  • December – Learn or Practice Something New Every Day

We wanted to do this to help create some better habits, become healthier and appreciate the little things in life, such as having a nice warm cup of tea and some biscuits to dunk! If you would like to join us then please do! Please share your progress with us!

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