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How To Get More Student Bookings
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How To Get More Student Bookings

Written by Sam | January 29, 2019

We have put together a quick article on how to get the most out of advertising your properties. We can help as we can display them in lots of areas to help you get inquiries but they need to be enticing and exciting. Here are our tips:


This sounds like a really obvious one, however, if you have good pictures of your rooms then that does a lot of the talking. A picture can show a lot more than we describe in words. We recommend that you get professional pictures taken and edited. It will cost, obviously, if you have a lot of properties then it might be worth doing some at a time. We generally see that those with professional pictures tend to get more views and inquiries. We can help you with this, please email us if you would like to know more information.


The next thing after the pictures, students want to know exactly whats in the property, bills, rent, beds, bathrooms, etc. This is where you need to be clear. You need to say exactly what the house has got while selling its features. It features make up the characteristic of the house and this is important if the house is just a house, how do you expect people to make it home? Connect with humans here!

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When you take quick pictures, make sure you are focusing on something! There are lots of pictures out there just showing part of a bed, a bit of a TV and some of the wardrobe. If you are focusing on showing off the size of the room, make sure you get an aspect and angle that works! If you want to show off the fact you have double beds, make sure it’s light, have the bed in the picture as the main feature, and find an angle which then shows off the rest of the room or as much as possible.


Take the time to do these sorts of jobs because when these go online, this is the material that is going to win students over. Put yourself in their shoes, would you choose a room that looked amazing or one where the bed is unmade and clothes on the floor?


Make sure that you aren’t just relying on email any more, make sure you have different forms of contacts and they can get hold of you in a single press of a button!

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