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Why Am I Having Such A Good Day?
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Why Am I Having Such A Good Day?

Written by Sam | February 18, 2019

Why Am I Having Such a Good Day? – A quick tip to a positive mental attitude article for students to help them when they are feeling a bit down or stressed!  

This blog post is inspired by a good friend of mine, Craig Collinson. He is a trainer and speaker and has written a book titled ’21 Strategies To Improve Your Life’. Give it a read, I quite enjoyed it!  

This isn’t an ad, however, I had a thought strike me like a lightning bolt. I have been wanting to write another blog for some time but wanted to stay away from the ‘norm’ blogs. While at work I was thinking of positivity and then it hit me ‘Why Am I Having Such a Good Day?’ Basically this phrase is something that you say to yourself when things are starting to annoy you, grind you down, and starting to turn in to a bad day, then I guarantee that you will have a better day than what you were!  

I will give you an example:  

You are walking to work, it starts raining heavily, it wasn’t forecast and you haven’t got your brolly.  

There are two ways you can perceive this situation, one and more likely to be a common way, this is rubbish, it’s going to be a terrible day.

Alternatively, you can think, Why Am I Having Such a Good Day? You will need to keep saying it to yourself and mean it or else they are just empty words.  

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You will only find what you won’t see’?

Here’s an example, for instance, you spot a car you really like, say a Land Rover, next time you are driving, how many times you spot and take notice of a Land Rover. On the opposite hand, when you listen to people, how many times have you heard them say, ‘Nothing like that ever happens to me’. Do you know why? Because they aren’t looking for it!

If you aren’t looking for it, you aren’t going to see it!  

Our brains take in so much information per minute and second and it discards the items that you don’t think you need or are interested in, meaning what’s left is of value to you! So how many ideas and opportunities do we miss each day?  

Coming back to ‘Why Am I having Such a Good Day?’ If you start thinking this and believing it then, guess what you are going to have… a good day!

This then allows you to get more of your ‘To Do’ list done and enjoy your day! This happens because you are re-affirming what you already know, you aren’t letting the negative thoughts creep in and you are taking a different perspective. You aren’t getting bogged down with the negative side of the situation and focusing on it, you are seeing the silver lining and putting a positive spin on it, this can take a long time to master but it does work. This is the very basic psychology of it, there is lots more about there, you will find some in Craig’s book and even more online!  

How to master this step!

You must say it with passion and belief. If you want to say it out loud then feel free, but in your head is fine. If you aren’t going to make yourself believe it, then how are you going to resonate that with your body language and posture? You must say it with belief and you will have to say it more than once and if the negative thoughts creep in (which they will do), we all have a skeptic in our head, then kick it right out! If you constantly do this you will see a change start to form on how you perceive the events which happen throughout the day!  

A good book that I read a while back is the Chimp Paradox by Prof Steven Peters. It’s a really good book and helps you to understand the inner workings of your mind! You can then adapt it to any situation that you wish!   If you are looking to create some habits and good behaviors for the new year why not join us in creating new habits together! Read our New Years Challenges blogs and stay up to date with our progress!  

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