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How To Sell Your Tenancy If You Don't Need It
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How To Sell Your Tenancy If You Don’t Need It

Written by Sam | August 30, 2019

You have booked your accommodation, committed to paying rent, and have submitted your deposit. This usually means that the room is yours and if you don’t want that room anymore, you may have to find someone to replace you OR pay a cancellation fee. Some accommodation may be flexible with you and allow you to cancel and they will market your room for you, however, this isn’t always common because students commit by paying the deposit.

Firstly, before you even book the room, think what is the likelihood of you taking on that tenancy within the accommodation if it is high then put your deposit down and book your room. We can’t predict unforeseen circumstances and if you need to cancel we will show you some of the best ways to get that room taken up by someone else!

Secondly, you don’t have to book the room before you have your exam results. Lots of students do because they think that there will be no accommodation left, it is very similar in the second year, we see a lot of traffic around October time to the website. This means that students are looking for accommodation for the following year and they have only been living in their current accommodation a matter of weeks. So, don’t be afraid NOT to book your accommodation straight away through the fear of losing out and having nowhere to live.

If you have booked the accommodation and need to pull out, that’s not a problem, here is what you can do to sell your room.

  • The most common way, go to social media and sell it in the groups and communities. The biggest way to do this is Facebook as most people set up Freshers and other groups on there. The only problem is, a lot of people do this. So how do you make yourself stand out? 
  • Stand out from other posts. As many like to post in social media, the next question is how you get yours to stand out and be sold. Firstly, don’t just go out there and sell on Facebook, most people only post when they want something and this puts a lot people off. Try to engage people before offering something. 
  • Offer an incentive to take your room. This doesn’t have to be money off your rent, however, it is a big swaying point for many students. Could you offer them something that may be cheaper but has a lot more value to them? For example, books, equipment, and experience, Netflix, etc. Think about what might be useful and offer that.
  • Tell them WHY they should take it. It’s great giving them the facts and that does matter, however most people want to see the benefits of the property. 
  • Give a story, a line like; ‘Due to Unforeseen Circumstances’ shows that you are weren’t given an option and need to sell the room but people can’t connect with that. If you don’t want to give the real reason, just expand on the sentence above slightly, people will then connect with you on a more personal level rather than feeling like they are being sold to!
  • Good pictures. Make sure you put good pictures on the post. 
  • Add a link. Link it to the website that you found it on, that is a great way for them to see what you are offering and has lots of information on it! 
  • Finally, ask friends to share, like and comment on it for you. Get them to help spread the word for you! 

When posting, don’t just rely on Facebook, do tell the accommodation company as soon as possible, they will be able to re-advertise the room for you and may have a bigger reach than yourself. 

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