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Adjusting To Student Life
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Adjusting To Student Life

Written by Sam | September 26, 2019

So, you’re at university. You’re away from home for the first time. you now know what true independence is like. But not many people know how different living away from home can be, and now many people know the adjustments you’ll need to make in order to enjoy it fully, so that’s why I’m here to help you! And just to let you know, It’s very different from the movies. While yes, there are times you’ll be going to be parties, and there’s going to be a lot of fun, it’s not ALL that. You’re going to have loads of spare time outside of your studies.

Build Relationships

Well firstly, to make the transition to student life easier, you’ll need to make friends and get along with your flat or housemates. You’ll be living with them for a year and most of the time they’re the first people you’ll meet in this new place you’ll call home, so you got to make sure you have a healthy relationship with them because having good or bad flat or housemates can really make or break the university experience. Set up some rules and guidelines on things like chores and guests so that you can all get the best and stress-free living experience you can. You’ll obviously have a few disagreements with them from time to time because everyone human does, but talking about the issues and communicating with them is going to be key to helping you settle into this new lifestyle. It also doesn’t hurt to do some nice things every once in a while, like a bake a cake to share with them or something.

Clubs & Societies

Another good tip to help you adjust, and I say this out of regret because I didn’t do this straight away, is to get involved! Join societies and clubs! People don’t just go to university for an education, but also to find themselves, which can only happen outside a classroom. Universities offer almost endless ways to get involved, so try something new! I guarantee your university has a society for that sport or hobby you’ve always wanted to try and have a go at, so why not try and give it a go now!

It also going to help you if you get organised from the start. If you do join a few societies and clubs then set up a few timetables to keep track of your studies and leisure activities. Maybe make a food plan too and prep your meals for the week, organise what topics from your classes to study also! Being just a little bit organised can take off a load of stress from your shoulders and help improve your mental state and mood. University is obviously and unfortunately going to be a stressful time every now and then, so it’s best to really eliminate as much stress as you can from areas where you can.

George’s Top Tip

And finally, the most important thing I can tell you to help you settle into uni is to seek help when you need it. With whatever it is you need help with, please do not be afraid to ask or seek guidance. If your struggling with something in class, talk to your professor about it, they’re always more than happy to help! If you’re feeling anxious or feeling something similar regarding mental health, then go see a doctor or go to your university’s wellbeing center if they have one. They’re there to help you when you feel you can’t help yourself. And lastly, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t worry if you’re not at ease socially, the university can be stressful and scary so being nervous about it is totally normal. And I can promise, most people around you are going to be feeling something very similar, if not the same, it’s all big and new and scary, but once you settle in, it’s going to be amazing.

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