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Making Your Space Your Own
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Making Your Space Your Own

Written by Sam | September 26, 2019

Moving away from home and to university is always a big change in someone’s life. And whether you’re staying in a house or university halls, it can sometimes feel like a prison. A bland room can also make the transition from home to university difficult, so it’s important to make your room feel homely. It needs to be a place where you can relax, feel at home, as well as study. So hopefully these few tips will help you create that perfect living environment for you!

Photos, Photos & More Photo’s

It’s incredibly cliché, but also very common that you would want to put photos and posters up on your walls. And I don’t blame people for it, I did it too, it’s a nice way to decorate and reminds you of happy memories whenever you look at them. However, it’s unfortunate that most student accommodations don’t allow blue tack up on the walls. If you live in a house, it tends to not be as much of an issue, but it still can be the case sometimes. Luckily, most places for students supply a pinboard! So you can stick posters and photos on them instead. It is possible to buy sticky tabs that you can put on your wall, but you got to be careful with those, as even though they say they leave no residue and do not remove paint, it’s still a possibility.


Most places will only have one light to light up your entire room, the typical ceiling mounted light. Sometimes it’s nice, however, sometimes it’s even nicer to arrange and sort out nicer lighting for your room. Invest in fairy lights to drape over your bed or along your walls, they can add more light and possibly colour to your room (if you get coloured or multicoloured ones) and is such an easy way to make your room feel a lot more cosy. You may also want a desk lamp because if you’re at your desk studying, it’s important to be able to clearly see what you’re doing all the time. it can also add a nice little bit of extra light to your room if you have it on during the evenings too. However, don’t entirely depend on artificial light. Try and have your curtains open with natural light coming in as much as you can! Studies have shown people are more productive when working in natural light, so keep that in mind when you’re studying.


Of course, no one wants a room that looks nice but doesn’t smell nice too, especially if you eat in your room, as the smell from food can linger which isn’t the nicest of things if you’re trying to sleep or work. It’s very easy to buy some diffusers or sprays which can make the air smell clean and fresh, which is always needed. Different smells can also help with different things too, so if you’re trying to relax, a lavender smell can help you with that. A variety of sprays or diffusers is always useful. Scented candles are usually a go-to! They smell nice and also add a bit more light into the room and can help make you feel at ease, however, unfortunately, certain houses and student accommodations don’t allow candles. My accommodation during the first year of uni didn’t allow candles, so desk diffusers were a lifesaver for me!


And I must say, it’s always important to accessorise your room. Adding a few splashes of colour can really liven up and make a room feel a lot nicer. Maybe buy a plant to keep and look after on your windowsill? Plants are always great for student rooms. They add a lovely colour and help make the air feel fresher. And keeping it and caring for it is a lovely little distraction from work or anything. Also get a few cushions or blankets, they always, and I mean ALWAYS look cute, again also add a splash of colour, plus, when it gets to winter it makes your room so much more cosy (which is so necessary during the cold months), and plus it makes your bed and nights sleep WAY more comfortable! Who doesn’t want that?

It’s important to remember though, that this is going to be your home. It needs to feel like YOU. You’ll be living here for the year, so get the most out of it! Express yourself in the design and decoration too! Make the room an extension of you!

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