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Can You Leave Student Accommodation
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Can You Leave Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | October 22, 2019

Can You Leave Student Accommodation?

If you don’t want to be at University or at the one you are currently studying, can you just leave your accommodation?

If you have already moved in, signed your contract and moved in, then the answer will most likely be a no. This is because you have signed an agreement where you have agreed to pay so much in return for living in the house, if you leave the letting agent, can’t just replace you as most students will have found their own accommodation.

If you do leave, it is likely that you or your guarantor will have to pick up the rent payments. If there is no guarantor then it will likely be your house mates that will pick up the rent that you owe.

Either way, your rent will need to be paid, what is the most common solution to this situation is that you find someone to take over your tenancy. In our time of doing this, we see this every year in Facebook groups. Once someone takes over your tenancy, you can then move on to your other University or another path you have created!

What Happens If You Haven’t Signed a Contract or Agreed to Take The Property?

You may be at the point where you booked a house early and got the grades to go to your chosen Uni through clearing, or the other way around, you may not of got the grades for your preferred.

If you have more than 28 days until you are due to move in, then this should be enough time for the letting agent to re-market the property and the letting agent may allow you to leave the property without having to find somone to take over your tenancy.

The earlier you can tell the letting agent you aren’t going to be there, the better. They will understand as this will happen to a lot of students they can then tell you the next steps.

Extenuating Circumstances

The letting agent may allow you to leave through extenuating circumstances, however thi is their and the landlords decision. If you have signed your contract, paid your deposit and committed to the room they can still collect rent.

If you have any questions or want some free independent advice, please email or DM us and we will try our best to help!

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