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2020 Goals
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2020 Goals

Written by Sam | January 1, 2020

2020 Goals – Student-It Challenges YOU

Last year we had a challenge or goal for each month of the year last year and this year, we have decided to do it again and make it tradition. These aren’t our business goals, they are separate, these goals are to make us better people physically, mentally and in some ways financially. The goals are designed to hit our weak spots, such as chocolate and biscuits and create a new routine or habit without those items. The benefit should hopefully be positive where we have a better life at the end plus, a chocolate biscuit at the end of the month when you’ve not had any tastes amazing.

We started this last year, not to jump on a bandwaggon, however, to challenge us because we were coasting in life and just existing, so we challenged ourselves to make use of the month set some targets and hopefully get better as go along. Alongside these goals, we have our very own personal goals and what we want to achieve and then our business goals, so what we want to achieve from Student-It.

So here they are, my goals for 2020:

  • January – No Alcohol
  • February – Message one friend each day
  • March – Zero Chocolate
  • April – Throw one item of clutter away each day
  • May – Write one word describing each day on social media/ book
  • June – Talk to one stranger each day
  • July – Increase productivity and reduce procrastination
  • August – Drink 2L of water a day minimum
  • September – 10 minutes of yoga each day
  • October – Cut daily expenses by 20% and invest that saving
  • November – Become a better public speaker (less errms)
  • December – Learn one new fact about the world each day.

If you want to join us on the 2020 journey, DM us and keep us updated on how you are getting on, send us pictures, videos and anything else. We want to see it all!

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