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How Much is Student Accommodation
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How Much is Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | January 14, 2020

This question is on a lot of new students’ minds for September and is also on a lot of student’s minds when they are changing from the first year to the second year. When we first book our University accommodation, we are looking at what the University provides and we trust their options because we don’t know anything different in that city. This allows us to be on campus, close to other students and close to help and support should we need it! As we transition from the first year to the second year we need to find accommodation, but we don’t really know anything about it and usually, students start looking before they have even been at University for 2 months sometimes!

To answer the question of ‘how much is student accommodation?’ completely depends on what type of place you are looking for and where you looking to live as a student.

To break it down this is what will make it cheaper or more expensive:

  • If you want to live in the city centre, it will be more expensive than on the outskirts. This is because more students usually want to live in the city centre than there are beds and this pushes the price up.
  • Whether you want to live in a student house or accommodation. Student accommodation is similar to student halls however, they are usually privately owned. Student accommodation is usually a studio or flat in a building, these cost more and here is why. They are normally recently built or renovated, they usually have gyms, common rooms or additional services in them, they usually have someone sat downstairs to help you if you ever need it and finally if you live in a studio, you can’t fit as many of them in the block and they take up more space which means they charge you slightly more for the privilege of having your own kitchen and lounge.
  • Your letting agent or landlord, the landlords that provide a better service, look after students and have really good houses usually charge more than the base rate of rent in your city.
  • Bills included, if you have bills included within your rent, this can mean that your rent can be higher however, a proportion of that will be your bills. You can choose to manage the bills yourself and that may save you some pounds (it really won’t be a lot) however, the hassle of collecting it from your friends and having to change the broadband and sort the gas isn’t worth it in our opinion. If you want someone to look after your bills look at this company, they can manage it for you and split the payments.
  • The city you want to live in, if you want to live in a city that has a good university, vibrant city centre, lots of good jobs and good economy, it is going to cost you more than if you went to a university where it has a smaller city, smaller university and fewer students. Prices are pushed up by supply and demand, if you lots of students and not enough student houses, you can charge slightly more, whereas if you have more rooms than students, the student can say no and find another house, room or studio!

Finding The Best Deal

To find the best deal for student housing we recommend these tips:

  • Search lots of houses in your city, we favour sites like this but it gives you an overview
  • Decide how many beds you want, the rent and which location you want
  • Once you have found 5-10 houses, go and view them
  • Speak to the letting agent, they will be looking after you for the following year
  • Don’t sign anything without viewing it or reading the tenancy agreement
  • Start your search early but don’t be so early you don’t know the city or people you want to live with

You can search for all our accommodation in your city to see where a lot of houses are located, what sort of prices they are and what the landlord or letting agent is like. Search here!

We hope this has been useful to University students and if you want to ask any questions at all, please do get in touch.

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