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What Is Student Accommodation Like
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What Is Student Accommodation Like

Written by Sam | April 12, 2020

Searching for what you can expect when you move into your new student house? There will be a few variables on whether you are living by yourself or in a house with friends. I have written this from what I have seen at University while I was there and what it will be like to live with others and by yourself, plus what sort of things you can do at University to keep in the social loop.

Living By Yourself as a Student

If you are living in a studio, it is likely you will live in an accommodation block with others which are a mixture of studios and flats! You are likely to be close to the campus, if not on it, with everything fairly close by, which makes it easy to get around, should you want to travel anywhere!

Your day will likely comprise around your university lectures, once your timetable comes out you can start to plan your days around your lessons and what work you have to do! After that, you are likely then to plan your social activities or work. Many students now work in order to make up their living costs.

Sport is usually played on a Wednesday and that will be your biggest night out and if you are part of a society, then they will have regular meet-ups in the evenings, and that way you can attend lectures, do assignments or work, and then go to the social gathering.

As you are likely to be living in a block, many spend their time in the social rooms such as the games or cinema rooms and often they have study rooms as well! This is a great way to make friends and see who lives in the block!

As you live by yourself, you will keep the place as clean as you like and won’t have any external influence unless you decide to have people over! This is the main reason why people like to live by themselves, although it isn’t for everyone! Living in a studio can be lonely, the best way to combat this is to invite friends over, go and see friends, join a club or society and have regular appointments each week where they can go and see friends.

A final perk of studios is that, if you go on a night out, the next day, you know you can do whatever you like and not be in danger of being woken up by your friends!

Living in a Flat / Apartment at University

The biggest difference between living in a studio and a flat/ apartment is the fact you are sharing and the more people you share with the more complicated it gets. I lived with 4 others and I really enjoyed it! We had a great time and the level of fun you have depends upon your relationship with your roommates.

Each housemate will have different interests and within the house, there is likely to be those who you get on better with and those who are the opposite, it doesn’t mean you don’t like them, you just fit better with others.

In the apartment, you can expect to have cleaning rotas for kitchens and bathrooms if you share and if you have a garden, then expect your turn at that. Keeping the house clean with 5 wasn’t difficult if we stayed on top of it when we didn’t, it became so bad that we ran out of all cutlery and plates and that’s when it becomes an issue. This is why you will need a rota for filling and emptying the dishwasher, doing the bins, and all the cleaning!

Socialising, as I said, everyone will have different interests and that means you may all be in and out at different times and even barely see your housemates if you can, try and get involved a little bit in their interest and make time as a group to go out and do activities together, this way you will keep the bond! If you all do or have the same interest, it is likely the only thing you will do differently is University.

It comes without a shadow of the doubt that food, towels, pans, cutlery, bowls, and lots of other things will go missing throughout the years. If you really care about it, keep it in your room out of sight, but please don’t buy luxury kitchen items. They will be used by others and might not be washed straight away! Buy items you aren’t emotionally connected to!

You will have a lot of nights out together and lots of nights out with your sport, society or club, personally I liked to keep these fairly separate, but you can invite them along to your other group of friends! Then there are nights in, make sure once in a while you have a house night in and get together and have some fun. This helps reconnect if you have lost touch with housemates if they have been focusing on work, or focusing on other bits!

Food – expect it to be used, don’t buy the expensive bits, and always bulk buy where possible. It works out cheaper for everyone, even if you split it evenly afterward. Bulk buying will save you a lot over the years.

In a house, life will either be one extreme or another, everyone is working on an assignment or everyone has lots of time on their hands. It will get messy quickly if you let it make sure you stay on top of it, especially the bathrooms. Pranks will be played, have fun with your friends, pop in their room have FIFA games, spend time with each other, and attend university. The same will be happening all around you while you are living in Halls, so reach out to other flats and don’t be afraid to have a party if you wish, but lock your door if you are having a big one!

Living in a Private Rented House

A privately rented house, these are designed specifically for students on the inside but isn’t always built for students. What I mean is, usually, they were former Victorian houses (big ones) and they have been turned in to student houses and most of the rooms turned in to bedrooms. Really good landlords or agents do this well, the ones that don’t, you can tell straight away when you walk in!

The first bit to know is that you will be in a community, with others who may have jobs, children, and school in the morning, so when on a Wednesday social, please be respectful to them! You will likely notice a decrease in the amount you pay compared to your first year, that is because the houses are cheaper to run than halls and or studios and the mortgages are cheaper!

I enjoyed my time in a house, it was far better than just a flat in my opinion, but that’s because I think being in the community is better, you can be closer to shops that are cheaper, you see better barbers and can have some great neighbours, even if they can be students. You will have student areas of cities also.

Life here is different because even though you are a student, you are classed as a resident of that city and that means you will have to put your bins out, look after your garden, you might have a driveway or have on-street parking to enjoy and not have to pay for it, whereas those in flats and apartments will be whacked with huge bills for taking a car. Sometimes you won’t have bills included and you may need to sort these yourself. This can be tricky

Dealing with a landlord or letting agent rather than a company

Houses will generally be based further away from University and the ones that are close will have a higher rent for that but generally, you can have more freedom with a house! Life will be similar to living in an apartment in the fact that, it will get messy if you allow it, you still have to decide who does what and when food will still go missing and pranks will be had!

You aren’t likely to have an en-suite in the house, and this is because it won’t the infrastructure for it and you will need to share a bathroom, where as in a flat or apartment you are likely to get your own en-suite.

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