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What Documents You Need For University
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What Documents You Need For University

Written by Sam | April 13, 2020

There are a number of documents that will come in handy or you may need while you are at University. You might need all, some or at least one! It is always good to save these in the cloud somewhere and have them as a backup!

  1. A valid passport and driver’s license  – You will need this to prove who you are at University and when you like to go out!
  2. Bank Details – If you have a student bank account, it is a good choice to have them for organising student finance and rent payments. If you want to find out more about student bank accounts, read our article here
  3. University admission acceptance letter – They may ask for this when moving into your accommodation and is good to have as a backup.
  4. Course acceptance letter – Good to have in case you need it, the university can always point you in the right direction should you need them!
  5. Accommodation contract – From us, this is most important, if you have signed up for a house, studio or anything, have your contract! Please make sure you read it before signing it! If you haven’t found any, search here!
  6. Student Finance documents – This is another good thing to have with you if you have an issue with student finance, you have your documents with you. Most of the time it runs pretty smoothly but when it runs on the scale of the U.K it is likely to have one or two mistakes in it!
  7. Scholarship or bursary letters – If you have got a scholarship or bursary, you will need to produce them at some point and to make sure that you get the benefits of being a scholar.
  8. Insurance documents (contents insurance) – If you don’t get it included in your studio, it is definitely worth having, to have your gadgets covered in case anything happens!
  9. Prescription copies – this will help you get more at University. IT is always best practice to register for a doctor at UNiversity, this way you get seen without having to go home or into A&E.
  10. Student discount cards – If you don’t have these, you won’t be able to use them and take advantage of the discounts!
  11. Bill Confirmations – When you have set up your bills if you don’t have them, then keep hold of the confirmations, they will come in handy when you need to change anything or close them down at the end of the tenancy. Set up bills here

If you are an international student then you will most likely need all your visa documents as well as the list above!

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