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Student Accommodation VS Private Rented
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Student Accommodation VS Private Rented

Written by Sam | April 14, 2020

A question asked by many students on which way they should go when searching for accommodation. Should they stay in the University-owned / Privately managed type places or go into the world of privately rented houses with letting agents and landlords.

We will give you a list of pros and cons for both and give our views which might suit you and why!

Student Accommodation

We are including all purpose-built student accommodation and all University-owned accommodation in this because they have more in common than moving into houses with letting agents.

The upsides:

  • Usually on or close to campus
  • Secure with CCTV and an accommodation manager
  • Modern and well designed (mostly)
  • Have extras such as, cinema, gym, game room, study, grab and go breakfasts
  • Surrounded by other students
  • High-quality fixtures and fittings – If you choose the right provider!
  • Flexible contracts of 44 or 51 weeks
  • Weekly events & lots of chance to make friends
  • Someone can take your post for you
  • En-suites are built in from the start
  • Guaranteed desk space and chairs
  • Bills included in the rent

The downsides:

  • Rent is higher than living in private rented
  • Gyms and extra rooms can be small with wrong providers
  • Walls can be paper-thin
  • Kitchens and living rooms can be industrious
  • Likely to be woken up by neighbours
  • Might not have as much space as you would in a house
  • Can’t make your room feel as homely as in a house

Private Rented: Student Housing

In this group, we are classing anything that is managed by a local student letting agents and are the majority of houses. The upsides of private rented are:

  • Cheaper rent than student accommodation
  • You will or can have your own private outside space
  • You can have full-size double beds
  • Get to live with a group of friends
  • Bigger living spaces
  • More character in the properties
  • Based in the community
  • Be dealing with local agents who may have been around for yours
  • Can view more than one house in different locations
  • Letting agents are heavily regulated in this area now
  • Can be in the quiet or central parts of the City

The downsides are:

  • Can get the occasional smaller rooms
  • Won’t have an en-suite in every room
  • Bills might not be included in the rent
  • Not have the smooth operations as the big providers
  • Won’t have extras like gyms or cinemas


It all comes down to what you want and what you prefer to live in. If you like living on campus and in a studio, we recommend that you look at the student accommodation root. You can still go private and look at the PBSA providers out there who will look after you very well. They provide a really good experience and have lots of tools to do so, but ultimately it comes down to how good your accommodation manager is while you are in there. A lot of international students go into these types of accommodation because they know they will be near the campus, they have everything around them, they can get help if they need to & they are deemed more reliable due to it being a big company.

However, If you want to live in a group, that is based in the community & slightly cheaper rent then a house is for you. If you want bigger spaces, don’t mind sharing a bathroom potentially, and having lots of house memories, then get yourself a group and start looking for a house!

If you want our help, then please WhatsApp us and we will try our best to help you!

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