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Student Accommodation For Couples
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Student Accommodation For Couples

Written by Sam | April 17, 2020

Dual occupancy is where you are a pair living in the same room and both on the tenancy agreement. The difference here is when you have your partner stay over, the room is yours, you signed the tenancy agreement and you are allowed guests but they are not allowed to live there because they aren’t on the tenancy agreement.

Where Can You Find These

You are allowed a dual occupancy in lots of different rooms, you just need to know where to look. Most commonly they are found in the PBSA type of accommodation, this is because, in a studio, they are open to couples sharing. You are less likely to find it with letting agents in houses because they can’t allow 5 sets of dual occupancy in a 5-bed house, making it a 10-bed student house!

They also have larger social areas and rooms for you to be in, whereas a house is only likely to have a living room.

Why Don’t Letting Agents Generally Do Them?

Letting agents and landlords will offer them where they can, but as mentioned above, most of their stock are houses. With houses, you can’t increase its square foot and it can be very quickly become overcrowded.

They also might not have many 1 or 2-bed apartments in their portfolio because they simply don’t yield as much as houses and usually the cost of refurbishing them is more expensive than what they will rent out for. This is why you will see many more houses of 3 beds plus on a student letting agents website.

This is why a lot of studios, 1 & 2 beds go very quickly with landlords, because the demand is higher than the supply, I say this as it currently stands of when I have written this article.

What Do You Pay For Dual Occupancy?

This depends on whoever is offering it. Everyone has their own rules on it. Here are some of the ways I have seen it:

  • Free Dual Occupancy
  • Pay extra rent & bills
  • Pay extra bills
  • Pay more rent (as bills aren’t included)

Each agent and landlord will view it differently and there is no common theme across all providers. It is always best to ask landlords and letting agents if they will allow dual occupancy because they might not advertise it because it’s not at the forefront of their mind!

What Is Life Like In One?

Life in one of these is slightly different to your standard house or apartment because you are only sharing with one other, it’s usually in a slightly bigger space and you share one bed. In other types of accommodation, you will be in a group (mainly) and you will live in a house that will depend on personalities as to how it goes, you may have a party house, you may have a stay-in house or any other type of house, the list is too long.

In a studio with two, it can be the best time of your life, you share a studio or an apartment together, it’s how you want it to look, it’s clean and it’s close to everything you use. You can visit your friends, you can go to bars and into the social rooms. However, we don’t want to put a dampener on it, however, it can go the opposite way, for many, this is the first time they will have lived together properly and you might find some habits or traits that simply don’t work together!

You can also get on top of each other and it is really important to go and do your own separate activities as well and then link back up at the end of the day, everyone needs their own space once in a while!

You can even though someone is there all the time, feel lonely, you can become disconnected with others and even though there are lots of tools to stay in touch, it is easy to isolate yourself. Make sure you don’t do this when at University, still make time to see friends and catch up with them.

Should We Stay In One Of These OR Get a Regular Room and Share?

This question comes up a lot and that is because some like the security of having their own room or house which they can go back to if they want or need to. However, it does mean that you have two lots of rent to pay, even when you may only be living in one room, AND sharing a room without having a tenancy, I am sure, breaches a form of contract. You can have guests and sleepovers, there is no rule on that, but when a person is living there and using the facilities, the dynamic is slightly changed, should something fatal happen, the landlord or agent will be held accountable to a certain extent.

All this will be mentioned in your tenancy agreement.

A regular room is a great starting point, but please don’t forget about the living rule and read your agreement and if you are ready for the next step, the dual occupancy is something you can consider.

What Happens If One Student Moves Out?

As both of you are on the tenancy agreement, you are both liable for the payments, even if one moves out and starts to rent another room. As you have both signed, you will both be in a contract.

Some providers might be happy taking one person off the tenancy and allowing you to drop the rent. However, others may charge a fee (not heard this one yet though) to take a person off.

The main problem comes is if you both want to move out and you have committed for a year. They are likely to say no and will expect rent to come in each month because you have signed for it. In this situation you can either find someone else or couple to take over your tenancy or pay the rest of the term on your contract!

Dual Occupancy Summary

  • Dual Occupancy is great and there are a range of ways you can pay, however, some might even be FREE
  • You both need to sign the agreement, that is what makes it dual and not just sharing
  • Life can be great or it has the potential to go the opposite way, try to make it work and you will have an amazing time!
  • If one leaves they are still responsible for the rent
  • It may not be as easy as just cancelling the room

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