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How To Choose Your Student City & University
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How To Choose Your Student City & University

Written by Sam | April 18, 2020

You are considering University as an option and you need to pick the three in order of choice that you want to go to! How on earth do you decide 3 universities out of the whole of the U.K are the right ones for you?


Obviously you will need to look at a lot of universities and decide which ones fit you, but what do you need to look for to give you a head start?

Firstly, you need to look at the course you want to do and which university has a good reputation for the course, what the entry requirements are and if you would like to live in the city.

This research is something you will have to do and it will take time. Look at places where you think the universities are good, the cities are nice to live in and match you as a person and other recommendations from friends AT university, not GOING. Why? because those who are going are in the same boat as you, if you want the true story, find those who are at or have been to university. Let’s start, what to look for in a University and how you decide if it matches you!


There are lots of universities in the UK and you need to decide the top 3 of which you want to go to. We suggest that to start, you have a separate list of universities and cities. Here are our top points to look for when choosing a University:

  • Make sure it matches you as a person
  • What are the entry requirements
  • Where is it based
  • Facilities
  • How big is the University
  • Is it well known for that subject
  • What is it’s sports teams like
  • Is it’s SU any good
  • How long would it take for you to get there and home if needed
  • Does it have other connections in the city that might be useful for you
  • Are the lecturers high quality and dedicated
  • What it’s accommodation is like

The bit that is most important when choosing a university is looking at what the course will offer you in teachings and how that can affect you after university.

If you are a medical student, solicitor or lawyer, we suggest you head to top academic universities to get the best education. For other subjects (including me who did sports science) it doesn’t matter so much where you went to university, it matters more about the skills you came out with. For this look at the course, what it offers, who are the lecturers, are there any businesses in the area that you can potentially get experience at!

On par with what you will learn, is how much fun you will have, there are lots more factors and influences to this, however, the university can still have an influence through its students’ union, the pubs it runs, it’s helpful for international students, advice service and social events. Make sure you choose a university that fits the bill academically but also creates an environment of fun!

Make sure you go to lots of open days and visit the university to see the lecturers, see the facilities, what the SU and is like and what other students say!

Finally, there are lots of university and course review websites out there, have a look and see what you think but please make your own judgement on whether the university is right for you!

Which City To Choose For University

The city is arguably one of the biggest factors for choosing a university, but why so?

Well, if the university is amazing but everything else isn’t, then you are going to live in a small world for at least 3 years. Secondly, outside of university and learning, you will want to do activities with friends, eat out, have jobs, and even look for a career after!

Don’t confuse being a small city being one that doesn’t offer much, it may be on the rise! However, some of the top points we recommend looking for when choosing your cities:

  • Personality, does it match you!
  • Are there a lot of local businesses in the area for work and careers
  • What can you do in the city
  • Transport hubs, are they good. Train, bus, and cars.
  • Opportunities
  • Housing, what is the housing like for you to live in at uni and after (potentially)
  • Restaurants
  • Economic situation, what does it and will it offer in the future
  • The locals are they nice, welcoming, thankful, etc
  • Graduate jobs

What the city needs to reflect is you, is it a place that will keep you entertained with activities that you want to do and has opportunities for you while you are at university and after. Many students need to work during their time at university and they should be able to pick up jobs in local bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants which will help the economy but also YOU.

After university, it needs to have graduate jobs and plenty that you can get stuck in to. There won’t be enough for every graduate, however, there needs to be opportunities, this is why it’s important to get to know people early on! These jobs are needed for you guys to enter the workplace and start your career off!

If the city isn’t a vibrant place with opportunity, what else does it have to offer and does that match your requirements!

While at the open day, why not stay over and spend some time in the city, this will really help you understand what the city offers and what it is like, especially during the week as you will be able to see all the businesses and get a feel for what graduate jobs may be like!

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