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Student Housing With Pets
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Student Housing With Pets

Written by Sam | April 29, 2020

Most students may have grown up with pets in their homes and don’t really want to go without when they move to university. Pets become part of the family and they are sorely missed when you leave them or they leave us!

When we mean pets, we mean animals that aren’t needed to help you with a disability, an example of that would be a guide dog, we are talking about domesticated animals.

Can I Take Pets To University?

Well yes,you can, but before you do anything you need to check with the landlord first, whoever that may be. Most universities will see pets as a distraction but they do understand that they can help with stress levels and mental health!

When and if you can take a pet to university, you need to think about those who you will be living with. Some of the questions that will be good to ask yourself are:

  • Do they have any allergies at all?
  • What happens if you aren’t there for a period of time?
  • Is it nocturnal?
  • Will it smell?
  • Where will you keep the food and what do they eat?

There will be more questions, but start with these. If you are living by yourself, then none of these will matter!

Student Landlords

Landlords can be sceptical of pets, even in non-student accommodation, so be prepared if not many will allow pets, however, that being said, they aren’t robots and many of them do have pets themselves and will understand where you are coming from! Some of the worries the landlord might have are:

  • Will damage the house itself
  • Will it damage any of the furniture
  • Will it annoy the other tenants
  • Will the pet have a good standard of life
  • How much will this benefit the student
  • Where will it live

These are the sort of questions you can expect to go through a landlords mind. That being said, please be open and honest with them!

If you are open from the start and ask if you can bring a pet, they are more likely to be open to the idea, it also depends on the pet, what they don’t want to do is, come and do a routine inspection and then see that a pet has been living with you.

If you don’t tell the landlord and have a pet, you could be breaching your tenancy agreement, and this is not a good thing. Whereas if the landlord knows and agrees and you might even get some pet treats on the visit round!

Ultimately, if it’s the letting agent and or landlord, they want to make sure they can use the house again next year, if they have refurbished the house in the summer and the allow a pet to move in and they have to refurbish the property again the following summer, they aren’t going to be happy and will ban future pets, no matter what they are.

Some will be happy with them and others will have a zero pet policy. Keep asking and checking with them, it is not something that they will advertise openly so you will need to ask, but if you do have a pet, please make sure you take good care of the pet and the house so others can enjoy having a pet at University too!


If you can’t have a pet, you can always go online and volunteer for dog walks or be hired for dog walks. The SU will have pets down from time to time as a stress relief!

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