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Will Universities Move to More Online Teaching & Will They Still Charge 9K?
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Will Universities Move to More Online Teaching & Will They Still Charge 9K?

Written by Sam | May 5, 2020

This is a question which is being posed to many universities, after the pandemic and when students are allowed back to university.  

Will they hold more classes online and if they do, can they justify their tuition fees? 

Here is our answer to the situation. We think universities will utilise more online learning, for instance, when students only have one lecture in a day, or they need to do more lectures and there are no rooms or there simply isn’t a big group. Online learning is now a big movement and one sector that is rapidly growing in this climate, we think it is too far forward to return to traditional learning now. 

As this new area of learning continues to grow, it will rapidly develop and become much better than the first online lesson that was ever taught to students, however they won’t go fully online, university is about the education receive, but it is also about the experience you receive. University still relies heavily on human interaction and social experiences.  

If everything was going to move online, there is a lot of space on university campuses that would be immediately redundant.  

Because of this they will take a much more blended approach to learning and this is good because many private organisations and businesses have been doing this for a while. Many online learning and businesses do a lot of blended learning, they will only have contacted maybe once or twice a month and the rest be online, but we don’t think University will be at this ratio.  

The University Experience 

Just like school doesn’t solely focus on solely teaching you academically, university doesn’t do that either. Many students come to university to get an education in life as well as academically, for instance, many students will need to: 

  • Structure their day 
  • Work to deadlines 
  • Put themselves in positions they feel uncomfortable 
  • Manage living with themselves and others 
  • Manage money and what they will do if it runs out 

If University was just about the education, we could just do it on zoom and as a webinar and we wouldn’t have to pay for any accommodation. However, this is far from what it is about.  

The experience at university is one of the most important aspects to it, a lot of businesses now tend to focus less on whether you get a first and openly admit they would take a lower grade with more experience.  

Can They Still Charge 9K For a Blended Course?  

The short answer, yes. Why? The government has bandings which they can charge a student for coming to university and if a university charges less, we have this perception that it is a bad university. This is one reason and the other main factor is that they still have to develop and teach these courses. 

Each course needs to be planned, work needs to be marked and webinars need to be held. Like anything with a price, you are paying for the lecturer’s knowledge and time it is up to you how you utilise that time.  

Should I Just Do An Online Course? 

This is another question that many ask, if the learning is going to be blended then why don’t they just do the course at home and save on the living and accommodation costs. Plus many students will be able to work in between University hours to earn some money.  

This is a good route, however the aspect you miss is the experience. You will save yourself of having the accommodation costs but online courses are usually more rigid, you get less contact time because most lecturers priorities the students that are at university, because without them, they wouldn’t be there.  

Online courses are great, we use them a lot t upskill ourselves and continually develop the skills we have.  

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