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Will University Be Refunded
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Will University Be Refunded

Written by Sam | May 6, 2020

A question on every students mind and one that is likely they don’t want to hear.

In short the answer will be no and here are the reasons why:

  • Universities would struggle with cash, very quickly, they have high expenses
  • They are still teaching, even if it is online
  • Assignments can still be submitted and marked

These are the main reasons why you are unlikely to get a refund from a university. A big worry of theirs is exams. When it comes to exam season, how are they going to cope with needing everyone in a confined space after the pandemic.

I am sure many would not like to sit in a room with hundreds of other students. After exams they will also be thinking about what is going to happen in September. We are now reaching a point where the Government will make a decision on education and when some students might be bale to go back.

We think we will see a staged or phased return for university students, plus a screening for international students. It is unlikely they will defer international students because they make up a large part of the higher education sector.

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