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Is University a Waste of Time?
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Is University a Waste of Time?

Written by Sam | May 7, 2020

There are a few factors you need to consider when deciding this, we can say no, however, we can be biased, so we are going to lay it all out on the table for you and you make up your mind whether you think university is a waste of time for you or not.

To Start

You need to know where you want to be in 5-10 years time. Does it require a degree, would a degree help and hat about the experiences that come with it?

To not beat around the bush, university is a waste of time if you don’t work for it. You must get the grades, get the experience and learn if not, then yes it is.

Most employers will ask for degrees and more recently they will ask for degrees that are relevant to the job because a lot have degrees, figure out if a degree will put you ahead of the curve in some way.

Many are worried about the money they have to pay back if that is the case, then please read this article on why student loans aren’t bad

If you want to be a solicitor, there are two ways you can become one, you can go through the practice route or you can go to university and then into a firm. Which is the right way for you?

By knowing what you want to do, you can assess your situation and plot the route you want to take. There might not be a course for your chosen career in which case you must follow the path of experience. Just because you don’t go to university at 18/19 doens’t mean that you can’t ever go to university.

Many do in fact go to university, however, it is later on and usually in the form of a part-time course that their employer may subsidise. If not it will be an education which is equivalent of a degree.

Use Previous Education

To see how you will get on at university look at how you did in school, 6th form or college, this isn’t a guarantee because university has a lot more freedom but you can use it as an indicator.

If you like certain subjects and studied hard then you may like university because you can focus on one subject and all that encompasses it.

If on the other hand, you don’t like research, assignments or exams then it may be worth looking at another route. Other routes can consist of work experience, internships and apprenticeships.

There are benefits to these types of routes, you start earning consistent money from a younger age, you can build experience quickly and you can make a good impression in a company. Plus if you start earning good money, a % of that doesn’t go towards your student loan!

Look at the Course Content For University

Many will have done the course before and many will do the course after you, however, what is the course teaching you.

Get a prospectus off university websites and see what they are teaching you in those lessons and whether it will be of benefit. As an example you want to study business, what do they teach you? Would you be better off getting a marketing job and then studying online? The course, even though it maybe 3 years can teach you the fundamentals of a subject to develop on after.

See what the course is teaching, make sure it covers the basics, and that you will get in-depth knowledge and finally that the lecturers are good quality. They have been in the field for a long time and they will be able to impart a lot of knowledge.

Find out how to choose a university if you like the course and get more of an idea of what you need to look for. What University should you choose?

The Path To Success

See what others have done before you. Get on to social media profiles and see what they did.

Many on social media will not turn down a message asking how they got to where they are and asking to speak to them to see if you can do that as well. You will know friends of friends, family that may work in the field that you want to be in, speak to them and see what they did, did they go to university and what was their experience.

There is no consistent path to success, but there are some traits that you can follow to increase your chances.

University is More Than Education

Going to university is also a lot more about what you learn in your studies, it can be the first time you leave home and live somewhere else, it can be the first time you have to cook, clean and maintain a house for yourself and others.

You will also be put in situations where you feel uncomfortable, but thrive, you will expand your network, try new sports, get new skills and learn in different ways than you would in a job and online.

You will become independent. There is no one to rely on at uni other than you.

University will teach you how to be an independent person, how to look after yourself, a house, how to manage money, look after rent and bills, pay deposits, and many life skills you don’t get living at home. You may also find better opportunities if you move away from home. At the start, we might be hopeless, but in time we will become better and better.

To Conclude

To decide on whether university is a waste of time, you need to think about what you want to get out of it, things to look for;

  • What career path you want to do
  • Is there a potential course
  • How have others done who are working as what you want to be
  • The course content
  • Lecturers
  • Jobs in where you live and their progression routes
  • How would a degree put you ahead of another applying for the same role?

University is a lot more than just an education, if you put a lot of effort in to it, you can come out so much further ahead because you can study and learn a skill, but also get a job in the sector, freelance, or get experience in your field and then once you finish university, you will come away with a big skill set. If there is no experience going in your sector, do something else to get that experience of working in groups, individually, when it’s manic, quiet etc. Get the experience.

If either route is possible, think about what you might learn by being at university.

As we have said before, university can be a waste of time, if you don’t put the effort in, work hard, and get the results. If you aren’t willing, I would skip university and take a local job, you will save a lot of repayments.

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