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It’s For Students

Written by Sam | June 16, 2020

Welcome to one of our initiatives where we aim to give back to students. We have come up with this idea because we wanted to help students with their ambitions and some of the financial challenges that come with going to university. By all means, they aren’t bad, see our article here on why student loans aren’t bad.

Why Did We Set This Up?

We set this up because, with university comes a lot of pressure in order to do well, enjoy yourself, and then get a good career afterward. Graduate jobs can be very competitive and we want to help those students who have big plans and want to make a difference in the world and we don’t want money to be a barrier.

The money that a student receives is to help them while they are at university or as they graduate. We want to help them reduce certain costs, such as their accommodation, course materials and equipment they need.

How Do You Get Involved?

To get involved keep an eye on our website and social media and at the end of each calendar year we will be opening up the nominations on the website so you can nominate students.

How Does “It’s For Students Work?”

Each year students enquire on properties that are advertised with us via landlords, letting agents and student accommodation providers and if you book through us, we receive a commission from the booking, don’t worry students don’t pay anything for this, and we will take 10% off each of those bookings and put it into a separate pot in order to give it to students that have been nominated by other students.

  • Once we know the amount, we will open up the nominations around the end of the calendar year, it will be a simple process of submitting a form on the website and nominating a student.
  • We will then shortlist the students as a company and then decide who we want to speak to further about their nomination and what they would do with the money.
  • After we have spoken to those that have been shortlisted, then we will make a decision based on the information we have got and then announce the winner after.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply

What Makes A Good Student Nomination

  • The student works hard
  • Have a plan of what they want to do and where they want to go
  • Has a good attitude towards university and work
  • Is actively seeking out opportunities to be better
  • Some support would really help them along

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