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3 Things Graduates Should Do During COVID
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3 Things Graduates Should Do During COVID

Written by Sam | June 23, 2020

This is an article from CV Gurus who are helping graduates brush up on their CV, interview and employability skills. During this down time you can be working on yourself to help you get that anticipated graduate job!

This summer is far from an ideal time to be graduating. You’ve committed a lot of time and energy studying to get your degree and boost your chances of landing your dream job, then a global pandemic gets in the way of things. In some ways it’s reassuring that you’re not alone, however, it’s affecting everyone graduating this year, so you’ll need to go the extra mile to stand out from your peers.

Here are three ways I recommend you do this:

Work on your CV

There are more people looking for jobs and fewer jobs to go for so it’s going to be harder to get invited to an interview. To increase your chances, focus on getting your CV into shape. Make sure you tailor your CV for each role you apply for, keep it to no more than 2 pages, and use spell check! You can even use websites like mine (e-mail [email protected]) and we’ll review it for free.

Improve your Interview Skills

You’re likely to have taken out a student loan to cover your tuition fees, but universities have a curriculum to get through, therefore don’t spend enough time preparing you for the job application process. Your degree may have helped you learn aspects of the role but it is your attitude and behaviours in the interview that will determine whether or not you get an offer.

Make a note of all the tasks and criteria on the job description and note down examples of when you have taken part in similar tasks or demonstrated those behaviours. Being prepared will help to settle any interview nerves, and demonstrating you’ve done the prep by going into (relevant) depth in your answers will make you stand out.

Don’t be a Virtual Virgin

Organisations will continue to conduct assessment centres since it’s the most effective and accurate way of hiring. Over the next 6-12 months the majority of these will be done virtually. Different organisations use different technologies. Some will use Zoom, some Microsoft Teams, others Google Meet, Skype etc. Learn how the technology works and get comfortable with using it. Don’t use the technology as an excuse, use it as an opportunity to excel and gain an upper hand over other candidates. For example you could share your screen to give presentations or to help illustrate your points. Demonstrating expertise in this area will convey great confidence and make you one to remember.

I hope you find these tips useful and good luck in your job search!

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