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How To Spot a Bad Student House
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How To Spot a Bad Student House

Written by Sam | June 27, 2020

This is to help students stay out of bad student accommodation and housing and make sure they don’t regret the next year of housing!

What Makes Bad Student Accommodation?

  • Slow repairs
  • Bad management by the agent or landlord
  • Bad design
  • Poor quality fixtures and fittings
  • Bad communication
  • Extortionate rents

What Makes Good Student Accommodation?

  • Simple, easy and good processes
  • Student-focused agents
  • Great designs in rooms and house
  • Quality fixtures and fittings
  • Easy communication
  • Valuable & fair rents

How To Spot Bad Student Accommodation

There some indicators that can throw up red flags when looking at properties, you should remember that these might not be deal breakers and you need to research further in to house, provider or agent.

Some signs to look for:

  • Quality of the house – You will only know this by visiting and viewing it if you can. If not then video call the agent on a walk round!
  • Overly pushy on sales – If they are asking for a deposit and a contract to be signed there and then, please review it first.
  • Bad Communication – They should make it easy for you to get hold of them when you are searching
  • Bad reviews everywhere – You can’t and won’t please everyone, so a few bad reviews are expected, however, if they are consistent, then dig deeper.
  • Rent too high or too low – If the place is great and deserves high rent then yes, it is fair, but it should be within a boundary.
  • It’s not clean – The houses should be clean and refurbed every couple of years when they are getting tired
  • No accreditation – They should at the very least be signed up to some kind of deposit protection scheme, you can get great landlords that aren’t affiliated with the university because it costs too much, if this is the case check with the local council they are registered with them!
  • Bad contracts and tenancies

There is likely to be some more, if you have any you want to include on the article then please let us know and we will add it.

What To Do If You Spot Bad Student Accommodation

If you are doing a viewing and you spot some bad student accommodation, you do not have to take the house.

Make sure you do the research before you book the house, once you sign the contract, it becomes much harder to get yourself out of the situation.

If you have signed it, then there might be someways you can take yourself out the house, one of those is reselling your contract, however, you will be trying to sell someone a house you don’t want to live in!

Speak to university, the students union or the council if you think the house genuinely is below standard and isn’t good for students. They will then likely take some form of action!

If you want some help to finding second-year student accommodation then you can find our guide on How to find your second-year student accommodation or if you need to find a house virtually, here are our top tips on How To Spot Bad Student Accommodation Virtually

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