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How To Use Shops To Promote Student Accommodation
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How To Use Shops To Promote Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | July 29, 2020

By this I don’t mean physical shops, I mean the digital shops that you see when you type something in to google, the shops are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

These are great because with some of them you can build feeds in to your website and they can automatically be pushed out in to these shops meaning you don’t have to change each one on every platform.

Why Is It Good?

If you have to do each one manually then I would skip this, it simply isn’t worth the time investment to do it manually, especially when you have lots of rooms, I would focus on other areas.

These digital shops will pop up on Google if the right words are searched, this is good for SEO, Google will value it if it is relevant and people don’t have to scroll to find you.

You can access a different audiences, a lot of people might be encompassed on one platform, but just being there gets you mind space. People pay a lot for adverts but do you know what shows up before and even directly after ads? The shops.

Shops are a gateway or quick access to your website and when they hit your website your pixel will pick them up and then you can advertise to them. At the moment, the internet is rife with re-targeting ads and spammy ads.

With a shop front, you can give them a quick snapshot of information and you can have hundreds of products in there, after that initial snapshot, if the student wants more information they will click on the shop window and then go through to get more information.

Finally, the shops allow the student to connect with you directly and quickly. They can inquire in seconds and you can have it so it comes through on messenger or WhatsApp and you can give them instant replies and if you are a sales person, you know that it is good practice to get back to people as quick as possible!