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How To Use WhatsApp To Engage Students In Your Accommodation
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How To Use WhatsApp To Engage Students In Your Accommodation

Written by Sam | July 29, 2020

I would say 99.9% of students have WhatsApp so why not utilise this? Many agents will have WhatsApp groups set up to stay in communication, so for example why not take it one step further?

Let’s start off with groups

WhatsApp Groups

If you haven’t got these set up for all your different houses then do so. This is great for out of hours support and general contact.

It is likely that they message you late at night asking for a repairs number or students might even use it drunk, however, the communication is next level because it is instant.

You can then answer questions, send documents, share pictures of repairs leaks and you can keep them up to date with information.

Email has about 20% open rate, what do you think WhatsApp is or will be?

You can use these groups when the students want to rebook, move to another place or needs some help and advice. Do you think they will look elsewhere if they have had a good service from you and it is that easy to rebook and see other student places?

WhatsApp Broadcasts

These are exactly the same as an email list but on WhatsApp. The only tricky part is that the recipient must have your number saved in their phone in order for it to work. This stops everyone spamming each other.

From here, you can send a message out to the broadcast and those recipients can reply and it doesn’t show in the chat with everyone, they also can’t see who else is in the group which makes it GDPR compliant and they can opt out at anytime!

From here you can send your updates to everyone in your properties, there’s no emails hitting spam inboxes, being in their junk or being deleted straight off the bat, you can land straight in to their WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Products

This is similar to Google Shop, it allows you to list your products on WhatsApp for others to see. They can then check the products out and you can link it back to your website for more information.

You can also send these in chat as well which keeps them in WhatsApp and likely to get a reply.

The only problem here is that you can only upload these on mobile at the minute and you can’t put a feed in to it like you can with Facebook and Google!

Other Good Points To Mention

  • Labels – This allows you to categorise people so that they are organised and in order and you can move them in an instant and search them in an instant.
  • Away Message – Out of office, easy, just pop it on like an email
  • Quick Replies – This is perfect for when you need to message more than one person individually, you create the message and then just type the shortcut and you can then do this on the web version as well.
  • Welcome Message -Perfect for when you want information straight off the bat, you can ask for it upfront.
  • Business Profile – A chance for you to advertise yourself even more and tell people what you do. How is that not good?