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How To Write Bios For Student Accommodation
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How To Write Bios For Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | July 30, 2020

If you are writing bios for student accommodation, there are some tips and tricks you can do to help magnify your assets and connect with students.

The bio can be put in two spaces which are separated between the features and the bio!


This is a short snippet of information is for students to get a quick hit of information. It is so that they can decide there and then if they want to look further in to the student accommodation.

This needs to be bullet points and at the top or on the side of the property. Keep this short and snappy and just list the best and key features of the property, as an example it could be:

  • 5 Bed
  • Ensuite
  • Off-Road Parking
  • Garden
  • On-Site Gym
  • £250 per month

These are the types of items you want to list, short, sharp and to the point. Many students will make a decision based on this before they even look at the rest of the property.

It has to meet their needs before they will view a property, for example, if they are looking for a 3 bed, they aren’t going to view 1 & 2 beds because they don’t fit their criteria!

Writing Your Bio

Make sure it has structure and ends with a ‘Call to Action’, this is simply just a button that says, ‘Enquire Here’.

Start with your heading of the property and then describe and tell the different components.

In the bio, you don’t want to list what you have already said in the features list, this is repeating yourself. You want to expand on the details here and help students understand why they should live in your property.

This section is all about WHY and not WHAT. The features list tells the student WHAT the property has and the bio should tell students why they should live there.

If you make this compelling enough, then you have got yourself some tenants and a viewing.

To do this, you need to focus on how it makes the students life easier or better. For example, having an ensuite means not having to share bathrooms with others.

  • Good location means they don’t have to walk or travel very far to university, and if they live further out then the price reflects this.
  • Bills included means less hassle.
  • High quality double beds as standard because that’s what makes for a great night sleep!
  • Gym onsite so it doesn’t need to be an extra cost nor a long commute
  • Contents insurance included so they don’t have to worry
  • Feature wall of the students choice to make them feel at home

There are so many ways to put it, however you must tell the story and let them imagine it.

I like to put in life scenarios of the commute to university, being close to shops and other frustrating situations and how you can easily solve it just by living in the place you are talking about.

The bio doesn’t need to be massive but also you want to cover off all the information about the property. This is time consuming if you have a lot of properties, however, how often does this change? You can use this bio for years and years with a few tweaks.

Towards the end of the bio it is good to ask a question that makes students choose between certain properties. Why? Because this gets them to think of an answer. Instead of just skimming it, if I ask you a question of, ‘Which one would you choose?’ IT is likely that you will pick one.

After this make it really easy for them to enquire and book the property because this part is crucial for making the process seamless and giving really great service!

At the bottom of the page you can add a standard part for your company and about your values, services and other bits if you wish. This can be copy and pasted!