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Photographs Matter For Student Accommodation
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Photographs Matter For Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | July 30, 2020

Having bad photographs on your student accommodation or letting agent website amplifies the service you are offering. Bad photographs can set you off on the wrong foot, if you then use these on social media, this only amplifies it more. Especially when these photos are given to others to advertise your student accommodation.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

People Eat With Their Eyes

Shoppers are fickle, unless they know your brand and know what they are getting into before they sign up, they and we are all fickle. We will move on if it doesn’t meet our needs at that given time.

For example, a website takes too long to load, do you wait for it or find another one?

We move on, anything over 3 seconds and statistically we move on.

When this comes to photographs for student accommodation, it is essential to showcase what you have, showcase your incredible designs, the big spaces and getting students imagining living there.

Turn all the lights on and use white lights to make the house brighter in darker areas and make sure you get a nice big shot with your masterpiece in the centre.

If you do it all yourself, ring lights you can get off amazon for fairly cheap and this can make a massive difference to the result.

You can use phones to take pictures, however, we believe the results aren’t the same, however if you are here is a quick guide to getting a good shot with a phone:

  • Lighting as we have mentioned, if you can do it on a bright day it makes a real difference
  • Always remember to stage the room
  • Get multiple shots of the room, try not to face windows when taking shots because you want to use the natural light to brighten the room
  • Take portrait and landscape photos
  • Use the grid on your phone to line up your photo
  • FOCUS – Make sure that you allow time for the camera to focus
  • Don’t just take pictures of rooms, make sure you include any storage cupboards or make it obvious in the floorplan

Floorplans Are Essential

I am a big fan of floorplan, it gives you a really clear idea of what the footprint of the house is and how everything is laid out.

You don’t have to give sizes in the floorplan, the space isn’t for sale, but having the room shape and where everything is in correlation to it is a great way to give students quick information.

If you know the size of the room you can include it for extra information, however, this is a bonus in my eyes!

There are plenty of mobile apps you can use to create a floorplan digitally and it might give you rough sizes, I have seen some agents sketch it out and then draw it up when they get back to the office.

If you want to get accurate measurements I suggest a laser measuring tool, you can get these from most places and they are relatively cheap for how often you will use them! Cross this with the floorplan and you are on for a great listing!

Videos and Walkrounds

Because of the pandemic virtual tours were pushed along in their journey massively and this is a great thing for those who can’t get in to the accommodation to view the house.

The most basic level that is good to have is a walk around with your phone camera, again you can see some tips for this in our other article, however a quick summary is:

  • If you are doing a tour, don’t be camera shy with a phone
  • Capture everything in the house, take the student in to every room
  • Take a peek in cupboards
  • Have the lights turned on already and doors open if possible
  • Don’t forget about the outside of the house

Giving students the ability to walk around digitally hopefully should shorten the process for a lot of people, because they might not view, however, I do recommend they always view in person if possible.

The most important thing with the video is what you do with it after you have filmed it. Make sure it goes in the places where it can be seen!