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Mental Wellbeing

Written by Sam | August 10, 2020

Mental well being is such an important part of life, there are more and more cases where students are having difficulties with mental health and well-being at university.

Being at university many find themselves alone, even when around other students and that can be common because even there are a sea of students, you may not actually know any of them yet and seeking help might be a step to far at this moment in time!

I was contacted by Chris at Jesey and wanted to show me what they had been doing and creating for students but first I wanted to try it for myself!

Downloaded Jesey

I downloaded Jesey 3 days ago and since then have really enjoyed it. I’m not a student so shouldn’t technically have it, but before putting out to the world and partnering with them, I wanted to see and try it for myself!

It’s all AI and this is good because it means that it is slowly learning more and more you use it and each day you drop in for a coffee chat and it will ask you how you are.

From then it will track your motivation and emotions each day so you can see where you are at over a period of time, and every time that you check in and do this, you get to plant a tree.

Each day, it can give you lots of different exercises to do to help you improve how you are, today mine was affirmations and saying affirmations to myself for 5 minutes.

These exercises aren’t an hour, they are short, sharp and to the point which means you can go right back to your daily routine!

Coffee Chats

My coffee chats aren’t massively long as like to check in, have a quick chat and then go again, but you can stay as long as you like.

You can do more than one exercise and in here it will ask you for your motivation and emotions. It’s strange at first because it is AI, however, I quite like it because you put what you want and it can’t judge you.

To be honest, you don’t even have to type, it gives you options to reply with and then it will come with your next message!

Planting Trees

Me personally, this is the bit that I love the most. Every time I go to check in if I’m O.K, I get to plant a tree without having to physically doing it. Perfect.

I mean it’s two birds one stone, I always want to have more of an environmental impact on the world in some way and this gives me that feeling of doing something good!


I think this is a great app, hence why I have opted to get them on the website. For students who like and want to check in everyday and see where they are at, it is perfect for you.

You can also be environmentally conscious as well y checking in and then planting a tree as well! Even though they are still in early stages of their life span, I think it’s great what they have achieved and done and want to see what comes next from the app.

Visit their website here

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