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Information for Parents of Students
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Information for Parents of Students

Written by Sam | August 26, 2020

If you are the parent of a student, you want to make sure that your son or daughter will get the experience and service not only they deserve, but they pay for as a student.

Tuition Fees

Just a quick overview for parents. Tuition fees aren’t something to worry about a massive amount, I personally would focus more on the repayment side of the coin. That is:

  • How much
  • When
  • How often
  • When will it stop

Currently, the student loan repayment rates are very favourable, this might change in the future but currently you must earn a certain amount and then you only pay 9% back on anything OVER that amount. More on student loans in this article here.

Helping Them Find Student Accommodation

This is the part we can help with not just a in a functional way but an informational way too. As a parent we want the best for our children and them leaving to go to university is a big step in their life but also a parents.

Here are our best ways for parents of students to make sure that your son or daughter has an experience they want to remember and not forget in student accommodation.

  • Always research the agents and providers in the area – This is and can be time-consuming, most people want it done today, and this is fine, in that case, go on to a few websites and choose the one you like the look of most. But please delve deeper and look around to see what the prices are, room types, houses, location, and much more!
  • If you can view them, do – Student accommodation is a sector that is being brought up in standard by the big players in the world and the smaller landlords are getting left behind, it does mean that it is a little bit of a monopoly in areas, but always view the accommodation if you can. If not make sure you have a virtual viewing with you and get them to show you around. The 360 tours are great, this is just to check the quality and cleanliness of the house.
  • Always talk to the agents and see what they are like – You need to do this to see what kind of service you will get. If the service is straight forward, simple, responsive, and smooth, then this is a good sign, if you email and don’t hear back for a week. Then that should be a red flag, now imagine you have a repair that needs doing, what will the service be like here
  • Ask about deposits – Deposits are one of the main reasons students can be dissatisfied with a student accommodation provider. See which scheme they are with and what is their process for taking and returning deposits.
  • Look at the contracts – This is very keen, however, having it months beforehand gives you time to look it over and find any uncertainties rather than having a day to look at it and never really read it! In there you need to look at their cancellation policies, deposits, and responsibilities for your child and what they will be responsible for e.g repair times!
  • Do they go above and beyond – This is where the service really comes in, there is a lot of student accommodation provide a very good house at really good prices and this is amazing, they are doing exactly what they set out to do!
  • Dig further – What?! The first place you look is Google, try searching different phrases, go past the first page. The ones on the first page usually have big marketing budgets if they are ads and those who understand how to please Google, go past it and you will find many more who are waiting to be found!
  • Know what type of accommodation – Would your son or daughter prefer to live with others and or by themselves? Would they like to live in a house or in a managed student accommodation block? You can view both, but knowing what to search for can really save you time.
  • Bills included? – This will help you plan your finances and know what you can and can’t afford. Bills included also means you don’t have to sort it out and there are likely to be fewer arguments in the household.
  • Budget – Know what you can afford to spend on rent. Here, personally, my advice is to take something just under your budget which gives you more wriggle room in your finances. There are some great luxury student accommodation brands, but you can find a lot of agents who have amazing houses good prices.
  • Don’t just go for the incentives and cash backs – There is a reason why they have these in place and it is to fill rooms, if it is something you want, take the extra bonus, but don’t just take the room because of the incentive.
  • Location, location, location – Location is one thing that makes a student’s life so much easier. Make sure that you know what is a good location that is close to uni, close to transport, access to shops, and easy to get in and out of town that is within your budget!

I hope this helps you on the path to finding really good student accommodation that you will remember for the right reasons and not the wrong reasons.

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