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Student Accommodation This September
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Student Accommodation This September

Written by Sam | September 3, 2020

If you are wondering what student accommodation is going to be like this September, then we will try and answer a lot of your recent questions and doubts here!

Student Accommodation Focus

Student accommodation is generally managed by an accommodation manager and we are already seeing some amazing work being put in place by these managers. Some of the precautions they have been putting in place are:

  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Hand gels
  • Masks for students
  • More cleans in the block
  • Scheduled and reduced social events and communal areas
  • Quarantine stays

This is just some of the offering we have seen and these are mainly from those who we list on our website!

If you are anxious about going in to student accommodation then don’t be, if you are living with others in an apartment or flat then it would be wise to quarantine for 14 days just so you know that you are safe, after that it is then up to you.

With everyone being in a block, it is wise to respect others spaces at this times and remember even though it will be cleaned thoroughly, it is still good practice to wash your hands when you get in and try not to touch a lot of doors and handles.

Student Housing Focus

This is slightly different than above because there is likely to be a group of you in a house and not in a block and you won’t have a manager or get your house cleaned regularly.

If you are a student living in a student house then make sure you keep that bubble wrapped for 14 days just so you know you are safe. There isn’t likely to be any social events straight away.

Once those 14 days are out the way, you know you are safe and you won’t pass it on to others you can then get out in to the city.

Make sure you keep the house clean and wash your hands when you get in.


Having friends over is going to be the biggest challenge and you will likely see a rise of house parties because nightclubs aren’t open. If you live by yourself, you can control this but if you live in a group, make sure everyone is happy and make sure you clean the house after.

It will get to winter and you will want to keep windows shut. Life is pretty much and relatively normal compared to what it was but please respect others boundaries!


This is harder for us to comment because we don’t work with them directly but they are mixing online and face to face classes and they are putting in more thorough cleaning routines, what you should expect to see is:

  • Spread out classes or smaller class sizes
  • Smaller and the same practical groups
  • More cleaning
  • Rules for the campus
  • Zones marked and one way systems
  • Facilities kept to a good standard
  • Everything is checked routinely
  • Some online classes

This should then reduce the amount of contact you get overall, however, this can be absolutely pointless if students don’t stick to it, then we could see some local lock-downs within university’s.

Make sure you know the rules, stick to them and offer any tips or idea to the university to help them improve!

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