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What To Do When You Get To University
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What To Do When You Get To University

Written by Sam | September 3, 2020

When you get to university in your first year, everything is new, you won’t know your house mates unless you have met them through Facebook and you won’t know the area.

That is why when you get to university, try these tips to help you settle in, find your way around and feel comfortable in your new surroundings!

Unpack Everything First

When you get to university, make sure that you unpack your room, get everything in it spot and make it feel like home. Decorate your room and then you won’t have to do it again!

What can and does happen is that you put your stuff in your room and then you leave it there until the next day or you live out of bags until you have been through everything!

Once you get it unpacked and sorted the quicker you can spend some time with your house mates, getting dinner or out exploring!

Spend Time With House Mates

This can be anything, having a takeaway, unpacking the house, decorating the house and anything in between. By spending time with them you can get to know what they are like, what course they are doing and if you will be friends for the next year!

Your friends will help you when you need it and you will help them when they need it and are a vital point of student life.

Explore The Local Area

By this but what I mean is go and explore the local town, city and what it has to offer. You can find the route to university, you can find the route to the nearest shop, you can find the best way in to town and so much more.

Put a pin on Google Maps and then go out and walk around some of the streets during the day and then make sure you keep a note of the important areas.

This will help you feel more at home because you are getting used to your surroundings. At home, we know where everything is and this is what you are doing here. You are building up your knowledge and finding your way around!

Create a Rough Routine

It doesn’t have to be set in concrete, but a lot of people get lost because they have a lot of spare time and don’t know what to do with it. By planning in your uni days, revising days, work out days and anything else you can start to figure out what your student life will look like and you will know what you need to do on that day!

Get a Food Shop

Now many bring food with them, however, unless you have lots of ample space, I would argue it is far more efficient to get it ordered or bought when you get to university.

You can do it online and then go click and collect or have it delivered, you just need to make sure you will be there at the time you say you will.

It takes a lot of pressure of having to get it all to university before it goes off, especially with any meats!

If you can find the local market in the area, you will save an absolute fortune if you shop there each week, it will be far cheaper and better quality than buying it from shops.


Make sure you get yourself set up, let people know you are settling in and then spend time with those you are sharing a house or apartment with. IF you are in a studio, go and meet the accommodation manager and go in to the communal areas where there is likely to be a meet and greet!

Discover. Trust. Review.

What to do when you get to university as a first year, try these top tips to help you settle in and be comfortable at university.