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Written by Sam | October 11, 2020

PluggedIn University is run by a student by the name of “Calvin J Mckenzie”, he’s currently in his second year studying Bussiness in IT, Calvin is a very persistent individual who has gone through his struggles with life and uses the experience as a learning curve to find himself and who he wants to be. Since starting PluggedIn University Calvin has increased his skills in different industries including Adobe creating and editing, marketing & strategy.

Calvin wants to provide value to students from all around the world but is starting in Bournemouth, and is always looking for different ways to improve his skills in different industries.

What is PluggedIn University?

we make finding out about studying at University in the UK easier with video content about UK undergraduate courses, UK postgraduate courses, UK Lifestyle, UK Culture, advice from students who are or have studied the course or studied at the university you’re interested in.

How did it start?

Like Facebook, PluggedIn Univerity started in my university dorm and started with 0 followers on Instagram, it first started with the name “ The Social Hub” & “The Social Network” through our student union.

Why did it start?

PluggedIn University started because I was a first-year student who never knew what was going on, I would have to constantly find where to look and find different ways to look and It was frustrating so I decided to join my student union and try to understand why I felt this way, but my questions weren’t answered so I made an Instagram myself to show what’s going on.

Where is PluggedIn today?

PluggedIn University currently exist on
Facebook – 31 Likes
Instagram – 71 Followers
Bournemouth Instagram – 713 Followers
Youtube – 120 Subscribers
Website – 2.56 Sessions & 1.79k Users

Whats are its goals?

PluggedIn University plans to expand into every university being the main “Plug” for all the information around the area and university.

Where can I find it?

We exist on most social media’s
Facebook – PluggedIn University
Instagram – PluggedIn_University
Bournemouth Instagram – PluggedIn_Bournemouth
Youtube – PluggedIn University
Website – PluggedInUniversity.co.uk

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