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10 Questions To Ask When Viewing Student Accommodation
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10 Questions To Ask When Viewing Student Accommodation

Written by Sam | October 15, 2020

When you are viewing a house and likely to be one your very first, these are some good questions to ask to help you get some useful information and will hopefully help you get all the info you need!

These are also good questions to ask to get find out what the house is really like along with the student accommodation providers’ service.

  1. How long do your repairs generally take?
  2. What is included within the rent? (What Bills, TV License & Insurance etc) & is there a cap on the bills?
  3. Which deposit scheme are you with and what is your percentage of deposits returned to students?
  4. How often are inspections and is there an inventory list? Does the inventory contain pictures?
  5. What are the average bills for this area? (If bills aren’t included)
  6. Is there a lot of crime in the area / Is this a safe place to live?
  7. Is the property or you (meaning the agent) licensed with the local council or another body?
  8. How do we pay rent? Termly, monthly or weekly.
  9. What are the cancellation terms if I have to drop out?
  10. Can I stay for more than one year?

These aren’t in order of importance and there are more questions, I have tried to steer away from all the obvious ones you will think of.

As you ask these questions don’t be afraid to take notes on your phone, pad of paper or anything else so that you can remember all the information and compare it to the other houses you are going to view.

These questions are designed to help students assess a letting agent, landlord or student accommodations service and basic processes. However, please make sure you take answers with a pinch of salt. For example, question 6, they aren’t going to say no. That would put anyone off, but you can get a feel for the area and make sure that there are good locks on the external and bedroom doors.

The agents job is to sell you the room, house, studio or accommodation, you need to decipher who is a good provider with a quality house and who is charging a premium for an average service and quality.

You will only know this by viewing more than one house and knowing what the standard and price is for your city.

Discover. Trust. Review.