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Why You Shouldn't Book Student Accommodation in October or November
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Why You Shouldn’t Book Student Accommodation in October or November

Written by Sam | October 17, 2020

This is my personal opinion and I disagree with students booking student accommodation in late October and November and here are my reasons.

Firstly, if you arrived in September, you have probably been at university for around 6-8 weeks. This isn’t enough time to get to know someone in order to commit a whole year of living with them, you are still in that nice, honeymoon period where you don’t know what people are truly like yet.

Don’t get caught out by this, because I have seen this happen a lot of times, where students want to downsize their group.

Secondly, unless you have lived there or nearby, you will not know the areas and you will rely on recommendations in order to get good student accommodation. Recommendations are a good thing, but you must trust the person it comes from and you must back up with your own research. Once you have spent a few months in the area and been around those areas, you will understand which areas will be best for you.

In the Knight Frank study in January 2020, the biggest factor of happiness in student accommodation was the location. It is important to understand where the student parts are and what options you have.

Thirdly, you might not know what you want. From this I mean you might not know the group size or whether you want to share at all, you might want to live in a studio. There are a lot of options open to students, however, they can go quickly which is why many book student accommodation so early.

Fourth. The student accommodation providers, you will have heard some good reviews and some bad reviews about others, however, you will need to make your own decision with an influence of what others have found. Unless you are in a society, then these recommendations and reviews might be trickier to find.

Lastly, you need to take your time to view the student houses and accommodation. You can do a lot of viewings in a week if you want to, however, many students will book a house without even do a viewing and this is a gamble you shouldn’t be taking.

Viewings in my eyes are essential and this can be virtual or in person. If you view you can see the quality of the accommodation, you can ask lots of questions, you can see how big the rooms are, you can look at the kitchen and you can decide whether it would work for you.

You can figure out what is important to you and what you value in a house!

Researching Student Accommodation

The time comes in needing to research the houses and especially the agents, the agents are going to be the ones providing you with a service and responsible for the experience you get in renting. It will also help to understand some of the terminologies that go around, what it means and the basics you get as a student. For example, when it says, bills included, that doesn’t mean that everything is included. I am sure if the heating is on at 30 degrees, some of that cost will make it back to you. Another example could be, repairs and understanding how they classify repairs in importance or urgency.

It can either be a great one, with some good friends, in a nice house with good furnishings or it can be a bad experience, with late repairs, no deposits and a freezing house because your bills are capped.

Discover. Trust. Review.