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Student Accommodation With Own Kitchen
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Student Accommodation With Own Kitchen

Written by Sam | October 25, 2020

This is a common search term among students, what you are looking for is called a ‘studio’.

A studio is a space that you as a student don’t share, you have a private bathroom and kitchen – This isn’t the dictionary definition.

You will most likely find studios in Purpose Built Student Accommodation Blocks or PBSA as they are known. These are built specifically for students and they contain studios and flats or apartments.

Studios are usually two rooms. One area is the kitchen which transitions in to the dining or living area and then in to the bedroom. The only other room is the bathroom.

A studio is designed to be open plan, easy to navigate and maximise the space.

These are more expensive than sharing because there is only one person in the studio. If you are in a relationship then you can have what is called a ‘Dual Occupancy’.

Studios are great for students who like to have their own space, be in control of their surroundings and enjoy time with their friends but also value the time they have by themselves.

How To Find The Best Studio

  • Always look at the floorplan
  • Go and view the studio and what you will get along with the studio, e.g. gym, study room etc.
  • Look at the kitchen facilities, usually it is a kitchenette rather than a full on kitchen
  • View studios from all the providers and compare the room size
  • Double bed should be a minimum standard
  • Look at the quality of the fixtures and fittings, make sure they are sturdy
  • Does it maximise the space it has and have clever storage places for all your stuff?
  • Plug sockets – Make sure it has a good amount, you can get extension cables, but you don’t want to have one on every plug.

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