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How Much is Student Accommodation in London
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How Much is Student Accommodation in London

Written by Sam | December 5, 2020

A lot of students and international students will go to London in order to get a great education but also have a great lifestyle. The big question every student has that wants to study in London is: How much is student accommodation in London?

Average Rent of Student Accommodation in London

The average rent for a student in London is £300-400 per week. If you are living in a studio, expect this to be slightly higher, if you are living in the centre, again expect this number to be slightly higher.

If you are living further out of the centre and away from university, this number can fall and also expect lower rent to be found in house shares rather than studios.

Location of Student Accommodation

You will have heard this before and it won’t be the last. It does depend on where your accommodation is.

If the location of the accommodation is next to the university and in the centre of London, expect this to be expensive, alternatively, if the accommodation is further away from the university and out of the centre, then it is likely to be cheaper.

Another important factor in London is public transport. If you are based close to public transport like the tube or bus station, then the price is going to be higher than an accommodation that is further away.

Finally, please remember, location of student accommodation can influence happiness. This was in the research report by Knight Frank.

Quality of Student Accommodation in London

In London, you can get a varying degree of student accommodation. With the average from what we find and see being £300-400 per week, you can get prices on either side of that.

If the price is higher, then you need to make sure the quality and space reflects that. The best way to do this is:

  • Visit the student accommodation and check the space
  • Make sure the furnishings are high quality and not just shiny
  • Make communal spaces are big, open and fit for purpose
  • Are there any extras included in the rent
  • Storage – Make sure that you have plenty of clever storage in London
  • They can create space by reducing the desk size, check that you can still work on what they have

If the property is cheaper than the average, this can mean a few things:

  • Further away from the centre
  • Further away from university and transport
  • Shared accommodation
  • Usually a house share
  • No bills included
  • Potentially lower quality

When viewing cheaper properties, make sure that the standard is still good enough to live in as a student.

University Accommodation in London

With the accommodation that is owned by the university, understand the different types of student accommodation, you can expect prices to be on the higher side, this is because not every university in London has their own accommodation, especially not on campus. This is due to the amount of space required and London simply doesn’t have enough of it.

The average price of university owned student accommodation is between £250-£400 a week. The range is bigger because some accommodation is in a different area to it’s campus and some are in the same place.

Some universities are more prestigious and therefore charge a higher rent and other universities are less well known and will charge less rent. This is down to supply and demand.

University accommodation will generally come with bills included and have a range of studios and flats available.

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